7 Grand Design Reflection Problems And Their Solutions

Grand Design recreational vehicles are popular among RV enthusiasts for their innovative floorplans and luxurious features. However, even well-constructed RVs can develop issues over time, especially with reflective surfaces. Reflection problems refer to situations where light bounces off glossy surfaces inside an RV, creating intense glare, distortion, and eye strain. This can make parts of the RV uncomfortable or even unsafe to inhabit.

In this article, we will discuss the seven most prevalent reflection issues that Grand Design owners face, ranging from problematic mirrored backsplashes to poorly angled TVs. For each common reflection problem, simple and affordable solutions will be provided, from installing blackout curtains to replacing shiny countertops with matte finishes. With some adjustment, 

Grand Design RVs can be glare-free and pleasant spaces for work, relaxation, and living. Implementing the tips in this guide will help resolve annoying reflection problems and allow owners to fully enjoy their Grand Design motorhomes.

Grand Design Reflection Problems And Their Solutions

Grand Design Reflection Problems And Their Solutions

Palomino Puma enthusiasts have noted recurring issues, from electrical and plumbing challenges to slide-out malfunctions and quality control concerns. Swiftly addressing these problems ensures a more satisfying ownership experience. Learn about the problems with Palomino Pumas for informed and proactive solutions.

Refrigerator Problems 

The 12V refrigerators in Grand Design Reflections can have issues maintaining proper temperatures due to compressor failures or incorrect thermostat control settings. With the frequent opening of doors on trips, they may struggle to cool properly allowing spoilage.


Faulty control boards not providing correct voltages to the compressor need replacement by an authorized dealer. Thermosensor adjustments at yearly service checks can fine tune cooling performance. Loading refrigerators fully and pre-cooling for 8 hours before trips gives them a “thermal momentum” so they maintain safe temperatures despite door openings and outside heat. Regular freezer maintenance like de-icing improves circulation. Carrying refrigerator thermometers monitors operation and identifies early signs of issues.

Window Light Distortion

The large, numerous windows that make Grand Design RVs feel open and airy can also cause severe eye strain. Intense sunlight shining through untreated windows reflects off other surfaces and bounces around the interior. These reflections strain eyes and make indoor spaces uncomfortable.


Install room darkening roller shades on all windows. These allow owners to softly filter and diffuse incoming sunlight to remove reflections and glare. Keep shades partially closed during the brightest times of day to create a pleasant indoor environment.

Light Bouncing Off Tabletops

The glossy, glass-smooth tabletops used in most Grand Design kitchen and living area sets reflect incoming light sources rather than absorbing them. This creates pronounced glare shining directly upward off the table surface. The result is eye fatigue and discomfort while sitting around these tables.


Place custom-fit matte vinyl tablecloths over all glossy RV tables. These non-reflective covers diffuse and absorb light striking the table rather than intensifying reflections. Protect tabletops whenever parked in areas with intense sunlight or harsh overhead lighting.

Slide-out Problem

An RV has a large slide-out section that extends 3 feet from the side of the RV when parked. The 150 lb slide-out and 100 lb furniture inside place a heavy 250 lb moment force on the RV frame, causing the RV to tilt towards the slide-out side.


To stabilize the RV, four heavy duty screw-in stabilizer jacks are mounted to the frame at the corners. When the slide-out extends, the jacks are lowered at the non-slide side to counteract the tipping moment. With the jacks extended to the ground, the 250 lb force is distributed through the jacks and into the ground. This anchors the RV frame against the tipping moment and keeps the RV level when the slide-out is extended.

Issues with Tires

RVs can experience faster tire wear and blowouts due to their heavy weight. Aloaded RV weighing over 10,000 lbs puts a lot of strain on tires. With prolonged UV light exposure and flexing under heavy loads, tires degrade faster leading to tire failure on the road.


To prevent premature tire failure, owners should check tire date codes to see if tires are over 5-6 years old. Older tires should be replaced. Tire pressure should be maintained at maximum inflation levels and tires rotated every 5,000 miles. Installing high-quality, heavy-duty LT tires will provide thicker sidewalls and better wear resistance for RVs versus normal passenger tires. Following these guidelines reduces the risk of RV tire issues arising.

Issues with the Roof

RV roofs experience a lot of stress from motion and vibration on the road. Sealant around vents, air conditioners, and penetrations can crack over time allowing water leaks. With prolonged exposure to sun and weather, rubber roofs can become brittle and crack losing water protection.


To prevent roof leaks, caulk and sealing materials should be inspected yearly and reapplied as needed to maintain watertight seals. Replacing sealing compounds before cracks develop prevents leaks. For rubber roofs past 5-7 years old, re-coating products should be applied to restore UV/crack resistance. Maintaining the roof sealants and rubber roof coatings prevents water damage from leaks as an RV ages. Checking and resealing the roof yearly extends the roof lifetime.

Electrical Issue

With thousands of miles of travel vibrations and shaking wires, screw terminal connections can loosen on circuits causing high resistance and overheating. Electrical shorts from damaged wire insulation will quickly drain the RV batteries leaving no power. Older RVs also develop corroded contacts and terminals leading to voltage drops and electrical component issues.


During annual maintenance, technicians should check all circuits for proper voltage levels and current draws. Each connection and terminal should be inspected for tightness and heat signs of loose wiring. Damaged wires need to be replaced. All contacts and terminals should be cleaned, tightened, and corrosion treated to minimize resistance. Proactively finding and repairing developing electrical faults will reduce the likelihood of being stranded without power during a trip due to sudden critical wiring failures.

Has Grand Design Gone Down in Quality?

Has Grand Design Gone Down in Quality?

Grand Design RV started in 2012 and quickly became one of the fastest-growing RV brands on their reputation for high-end quality features and construction. As they rapidly expanded model options and production volume to meet demand, some RV owners and reviewers have commented on declining quality consistency. 

Issues like water leaks, slide failures, loose trim, and alignment problems point to variability in assembly staff training and quality control discipline across different production plants. While ratings are still above industry average, initial quality levels in early Grand Design models likely cannot be fully maintained as production scales to the mass market. 

However, they retain more features and technology innovation than most brands. Maintaining quality with growth remains a universal industry challenge, though Grand Design is actively reviewing processes to minimize defects.

Is Reflection a good Camper?

The Grand Design Reflection is considered one of the highest quality, most innovative luxury fifth wheel campers available from major manufacturers. It comes richly appointed with premium features like full-body paint, gigantic panoramic windows, spacious kitchens and living areas, and ample storage capacity. The unique drop-frame and huge pass-through storage layout maximize interior space while keeping height travel friendly. 

\Well-insulated laminated walls, molded front caps, and heated/enclosed tanks extend four-season reliability. While the smart RV architecture and long list of upscale amenities make Reflections very popular with owners seeking maximum comfort, some quality concerns have surfaced as production scales rapidly to meet demand. However, most issues appear minor against the functionality provided, cementing the Reflection’s reputation as an outstanding camper.

Is Grand Design a Good Camper Brand?

Is Grand Design a Good Camper Brand?

Having entered the market only in 2012, Grand Design rapidly ascended to become one of the top-selling, high-end fifth wheel and travel trailer RV manufacturers. They disrupted the industry with innovative designs maximizing interior space through creative layouts and construction techniques. 

Unique features like the drop-frame opened expansive basement storage while retaining easy towability. Grand Design also loaded their RVs with more upscale appliances, technology integrations, and luxury finishes than comparable brands. This established them early on as a premium, quality manufacturer. As production volumes expand hugely to meet demand, maintaining consistency has proven a challenge. Some critique declining quality.

Yet most issues seem minor against the improved functionality provided versus other brands. Overall, the vast majority of owners give Grand Design high reviews, cementing their status as a top RV manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of roof does Grand Design use?

Grand Design uses rubber EPDM roofing that is durable and weatherproof.

What is the warranty on a Grand Design RV?

Grand Design has a 3-year comprehensive warranty and a structural warranty of up to 6 years.

What is the life of a motorhome?

The life of a properly maintained motorhome is typically 15-20 years before major repairs are needed.

What is RV maintenance?

RV maintenance is having annual service checks on appliances, seals, electrical systems and having any necessary part replacements or fluid changes.

What is RV mileage?

RV mileage measures how many miles the RV has been driven. A typical motorhome reaches 10,000-25,000 miles in the first 5 years of use.


The Grand Design Reflection is a luxury fifth wheel with innovative design. Demand has rapidly expanded production. Some quality issues have emerged, like slide failures, loose trim, or water leaks as volume grew quickly. Maintaining early quality levels during fast growth is hard. Other problems occur over time from road vibration or extreme weather, including loose wiring, rubber roof cracks or worn tires. 

Following proper maintenance helps prevent issues. Despite some concerns on declining consistency, defects seem relatively minor against the functionality the Reflection provides. Most owners rate the Reflection very positively. It has a reputation as a high-quality, reliable luxury camper overall. But quality vigilance during rapid growth remains a challenge.

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