7 Major Problems with Entegra RV and Solutions

Owning a recreational vehicle like an Entegra RV can be fun and convenient for traveling. However, RVs do sometimes experience problems that need fixing. This article discusses common issues owners face with their Entegra RV and easy solutions. Many RVs have problems with things like leaks, mold growth, electrical faults and plumbing clogs. 

These issues can ruin vacations if not addressed. But most have simple fixes that owners can do themselves or with local help. By knowing typical RV problems, you can better maintain your Entegra RV or trailer. Finding and fixing small problems early helps avoid bigger repairs down the road. Let’s explore some frequent challenges and their solutions.

Air Conditioning Problems

Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning issues are one of the top complaints from Entegra motorhome and fifth wheel owners. Typical problems include:

Failing Compressor

Solutions: Replace faulty compressor unit and recharge refrigerant levels. Compressor repairs are often covered under 2-year plumbing/HVAC warranty if RV is new enough. Customers may upgrade the compressor with a model featuring 75% higher cooling capacity.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Solutions: Turn AC unit off for 30+ minutes allowing evaporator coils to thaw before carefully restarting the system. Monitor AC functionality and make sure ample, cool airflow returns. Add protective grille cover to prevent debris/dirt accumulation on coils leading to reduced efficiency over time.

Water Leaks

Solutions: Inspect air conditioner seals/gaskets for cracking annually before the rainy season. Replace worn roof AC seals and clear debris from drain tubes directing condensation away from the unit. Upgrade to a newer one-piece AC shroud improving airflow and reducing potential for leaks.

Generator Problems

Generator Problems

Discover solutions to Grand Design Reflection problems and enhance your RV experience. Onboard generators provide essential power for air conditioners, appliances, and sensitive electronics when external hookups are unavailable. Address typical generator issues and optimize your RV’s functionality for worry-free travels.

Low Oil Shutdowns

Solutions: Check oil level and top off if low before attempting to restart the generator. Refill required oil amount based on generator specs. Upgrade oil to high-performance synthetic boosting cleaning capacity. Install oil level monitoring sensor.

Failing Starter

Solutions: Test starter voltage first before replacing the entire part. Starters drawing low voltage may regain functionality after recharging house batteries, checking wiring connections or jump starting generator batteries. If confirmed failure, install a heavy-duty gear reduction starter for extended lifespan.

Sediment in Fuel Tank

Solutions: Add fuel injector cleaner to diesel/gas generator’s tank then run generator to circulate cleaner through fuel system. Replace fuel filter eliminating contaminant buildup. Install water separator fuel filter plus drain water from tanks. Consider professional tank cleaning service for excess sediment.

Wheel & Suspension Problems

Wheel & Suspension Problems

Wheel bearings, shocks and stabilizer jacks take a beating from frequent use and rugged road conditions RVs encounter over tens of thousands of miles. Some common mechanical issues include:

Worn Wheel Bearings

Solutions: Listen for grinding noises signaling excess friction wearing bearings thin. Lubricate bearings if serviced immediately at first signs of wear. Replace bearings utilizating a bearings buddy simplifying installation. Upgrade to MORryde CRE3000 rubberized suspension and heavy-duty greasable bearings.

Failing Shocks/Struts

Solutions: Soften rides plus oil residue near shocks points to worn components needing replacement. Install heavier duty gas-charged truck shocks or air ride suspension known for adjustable ride heights. Replace shocks/struts in pairs to prevent handling issues.

Loose Stabilizer Jacks

Solutions: Inspect bent, damaged or drooping stabilizer jacks not adequately bracing RV frame against swaying/flexing. Tighten bolts securing jacks to frame or replace loose jacks for optimal stability assurance when parked.

Moisture Problems

Moisture Problems

Moisture incursion within living spaces leads to soaked insulation, delaminating floors/walls plus potentially hazardous mold over time if left unchecked. Some culprits allowing dampness include:

Roof Seam Leaks

Solutions: Reseal separated roof seams using self-leveling lap sealant or liquid roof annually. Inspect sealants after storms or winds for new gaps or tears needing touch up. Install preventative EPDM rubber roof protecting original roof.

Plumbing Leaks

Solutions: Scan water lines, fittings and tanks for drips or corrosion annually. Secure loose joints with thread seal tape and replace fixtures showing rust accumulation. Upgrade sinks/faucets to higher quality components with metal drainage lines lasting 20+ years.

Window & Door Seal Failure

Solutions: Bad door/window seals enable exterior moisture and air to infiltrate living space. Check frame seals for gaps or cracks annually and replace worn seals for optimal insulation against elements. Lubricate/adjust sticking door mechanisms stressing failing seals during open/close motion.

Addressing minor Entegra issues promptly preserves their premium status regarding limited problems and lengthy service life compared to traditional RV brands. Performing preventative maintenance keeps major issues at bay allowing focus on comfortable living and travels sans headaches.

Alignment Issues

Alignment Issues

The extensive mileage RVs log combined with uneven road surfaces can knock wheel alignments out of proper configuration over years of jostling while driving. Symptoms of alignment problems include:

Vehicle Pulling in One Direction

Solutions: Take RV to a commercial alignment shop with an extra-long alignment rack or large enough facility to accommodate 40+ foot vehicle length. Ensure camber, caster, toe-in are calibrated to factory specs restoring straight driving.

Uneven Tire Wear

Solutions: Inspect tires for uneven wearing on edges pointing to alignment needs. Tires wearing excessively on one outer edge indicates excessive negative camber. Quick inner edge wearing signals positive camber issues. Rearrange shims under leaf springs to correct axle alignment.

Loose Steering Wheel

Solutions: Adjust toe-in alignment if the steering wheel shifts right/left while driving straight compromising control. Toe-in misalignment causes excessive tire feathering and makes vehicles wander, losing directional stability.

While less prevalent than other issues, restoring proper axle alignment saves money on premature tire replacement and boosts fuel economy after excessive wheel drag is corrected. Fixing alignment early on provides responsive steering control and prevents undue strain on chassis components from off-center dynamic forces. Just a few millimeters of calibration error become exponentially impactful over thousands of miles.

Power Shade Problems

Power Shade Problems

Power window shades are a popular upgrade in Entegra’s luxury coaches, providing privacy and sun protection at the touch of a button. Typical power shade troubles include:

Fuse Blowing

Solutions: If multiple shades fail to deploy, check the main fuse for the shade system often located in control cabinetry near captain seats. Replace blown fuse with exact amperage specs per factory guidelines restoring all shade function.

Faulty Switch

Solutions: Shade switches should illuminate when the shade is activated. Switches failing to light up often indicate a bad power switch needing replacement. Upgrade switches to models displaying voltage meter confirming switch functionality at a glance.

Bent Roller Tubes

Solutions: Over time roller tubes can get bent from manually manipulating shades or objects impacting shades when deployed. Assess if tubes are bent and binding within shade casing impeding function. Replace bent roller tubes to restore smooth retraction and extension.

Maintaining full functionality of all mobile living essentials like power window shades keeps interiors comfortable and private no matter the weather or lighting conditions outside. Catching and correcting shade operation issues promptly makes for quick repairs owners can easily do themselves.

Electrical Issues

Electrical Issues

The intricately wired electrical systems powering everything from lights to generators leaves ample room for problems to arise over years of vibration and bouncing while traveling. Some common electrical gremlins include:

Faulty Wiring

Solutions: If multiple appliances or lights randomly turn off, check for loose wiring connections or damaged insulation on wires shorting circuits. Rewire loose connections and seal exposed sections in junction boxes to prevent shorts.

Solar Panel Failure

Solutions: Solar panels and/or charge controllers may malfunction over 5-7 years of extreme weather exposure. Test volts output from panels and DC charge reaching batteries. Replace non-charging solar components and upgrade to flexible panels better weathering outdoor elements.

Breaker Tripping

Solutions: If a breaker frequently trips, examine what appliances are on that circuit and reduce electrical load if possible. Continued tripping indicates potential for a short or overloaded circuit. Shut off power and inspect wiring thoroughly before resetting the breaker again.

As technology progresses more electrical components operate Entegra coaches heightening the need for owners to understand electrical basics like amps, watts, volts to catch and fix minor issues themselves without added shop fees. Tracing and testing circuits helps pinpoint problem spots for affordable repairs.

Entegra Class C RV Problems

Entegra Class C RV Problems

Entegra Class C motorhomes allow owners to travel in comfort and style. However, like other RVs, they can develop distinct issues over time. Some frequent problems seen in Entegra Class C models include:

Leaks are common as seals around windows and doors can crack. Check seals annually and re-caulk any cracks to stop water intrusion that causes mold.

The roof may leak at vent seals or where it meets the sidewalls. Inspect the roof each spring and fall for signs of leaks to make repairs promptly.

Mold growth occurs when moisture gets trapped inside walls. Use a dehumidifier and open windows on drying days to remove excess humidity preventing mold.

Appliances like the fridge may stop cooling. Clean the fridge coils yearly and check gaskets/seals for leaks if the fridge is not keeping food fresh.

The slide-out mechanism can malfunction or become loose over time. Keep slides lubricated and inspect for worn parts, fixing or replacing promptly to avoid issues.

It is common for the leveling jacks to leak hydraulic fluid after years of use. Replace seals and o-rings on the jacks to level the RV easily again.

Address RV slide-out problems promptly. If the furnace struggles to ignite consistently, consider replacing the fan or thermocouple. Troubleshoot and service the furnace yourself or seek assistance from a technician for optimal functionality.

By addressing common Class C problems quickly, owners can avoid bigger repairs and keep enjoying their Entegra motorhome. Regular maintenance is key to prevention.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recall on Entegra RV?

Entegra RV had a recall in 2019 for certain models due to a fire risk from the wired multiplex system. The company replaced systems to fix the potential hazard.

Are entegra and Jayco the same company?

Entegra and Jayco are not the same brand but they have a close business relationship. While Jayco manufactures Entegra RVs, Entegra operates independently with its own dealers and floorplans.

How many miles per gallon does the Entegra RV get?

Most Entegra Class C diesel motorhomes get around 9-11 MPG depending on the model and size. Larger 35-40 foot Entegra models tend to get closer to 9 MPG on the highway when driven conservatively.

Who is entegra made by?

Entegra RVs are produced by the Jayco manufacturing facility in Middlebury, Indiana. So although Entegra operates separately, the construction and quality is backed by the experience and reputation of the large RV manufacturer Jayco.


In conclusion, while Entegra RVs can offer comfortable living on the road, they do sometimes experience issues common to all motorhomes and trailers over time. Being informed on typical problems helps owners take preventative steps or address small faults before they worsen. Maintenance is key to fewer breakdowns and longer usability of the vehicle. 

Most importantly, for any concerning problem, contacting an Entegra dealer right away can help experts properly diagnose and remedy problems under warranty. Following simple repair or replacement guides online also fixes many minor glitches. With proper care and timely handling of issues, Entegra owners can continue enjoying their RVs for camping and adventures for many more miles to come. Regular checks and easy solutions keep RVs reliable.

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