Are Camper Shell For Toyota Tacoma?

The Toyota Tacoma is a very popular pickup truck. Many people use it to carry things for their job or for fun activities on weekends. The Tacoma is very reliable and its bed is a good size to hold cargo. However, the open bed means things can get wet if it rains or snows. Items could also be stolen if the truck is left somewhere without a person.

A camper shell helps solve these problems. A camper shell is an attachable cover for the bed that protects things inside. There are many types available that fit onto a Tacoma well. This article will tell about putting a camper shell on a Tacoma truck. It will explain the different kinds and the benefits they provide.

Can You Put A Camper On A Tacoma?

Can You Put A Camper On A Tacoma?

The Toyota Tacoma is a popular truck for many people. Some wonder if they can put a little camper on the back to use it for sleeping on trips. The answer is yes – you can! There are special camper shells made only for Tacoma trucks. They attach right to the bed in the back. Then you have a mini house to travel in. Tacoma campers let you take naps or even cook meals while on the road safely inside your truck.

Why People Put Camper Shells On Their Pickup Trucks: Main Reasons

There are two main reasons why people put camper shells on their pickup trucks.

  • The first is to keep things safe and dry. When you go camping or on trips things can get wet if it rains. A camper shell protects anything in the bed like sleeping bags, food, clothes and more from rain and snow.
  • The second reason is so you have a place to sleep at night. Camper shells make the truck bed like a little room. When you go camping far from home or on long drives, it gives you somewhere comfortable to rest instead of on the hard ground. You are also sheltered from wind and weather.

Some people only want more space to carry things without covering the whole truck bed. Tonneau covers only seal the top. A camper shell makes the storage area bigger while keeping everything protected inside even if you leave the truck somewhere. So camper shells are good for holding gear or as a mini shelter to sleep in.

Which Things Look For When Choosing A Tacoma Truck Camper Shell?

When choosing a camper shell for your Toyota Tacoma, here are some important things to look at:

  • Type of shell – Do you want a soft top made of canvas or vinyl? Or a hard shell that is more solid? Think about how easy you want it to be to open and close.
  • Design – Can you easily access the bed from all sides? Do you need it to lock for security? Consider how you will use it.
  • Material – Hard shells are often aluminum, fiberglass or steel. Softer tops use canvas. Think about strength and weight.
  • Weight – Heavier shells affect fuel costs and truck performance more. Lighter shells may not last as long.
  • Cost – Do you have a large or small budget? More expensive shells may be better quality but you can still get good ones for less.
  • Build Quality – Buy from brands known to make tough, durable Tacoma shells. Quality affects how long it will last.

Taking time to consider these points will help you pick the right camper shell type and features for your needs. Choose wisely based on how you use your Tacoma truck.

Which Camper Shell Is Best For Your Tacoma?

Which Camper Shell Is Best For Your Tacoma?

There are a few different kinds of camper shells to choose from. Thinking about how you’ll use your truck can help pick the right style of camper shell.

Cab High Shells:

Cab high shells only go as high as the back window of the truck cabin. This leaves the front open for easy access to throw things in. Cab high shells don’t take up much height but only cover the back of the bed. They would work well if you want to still see out the back.

High-Rise Shells:

High-rise shells go taller than cab high ones. They cover more of the truck bed to give you more storage space inside. But they may block your view out the back window since they are higher. High-rise shells would work well if you need lots of storage.

Cirrus 820 Shells

The Cirrus 820 is a top-rated truck camper that provides rugged versatility for exploring remote areas. Its durable construction and ample amenities allow for comfortable extended trips far from civilization. Owners can feel secure taking the Cirrus 820 where larger RVs cannot go.

Commercial Shells:

Commercial shells have shelves and places to organize tools or work gear. The shelves make it easy to find what you need. Commercial shells provide a large storage space great for carrying work supplies.

Pop-Up Shells:

The roof on pop-up shells can lift up for more height when loading big items. Then it flattens down low when driving. Pop-up shells are handy for hauling larger cargo but keeping the profile small for the road.

Full-Size Campers:

Full-size camper shells are like having a tiny camper attached to your truck bed. They have windows and sometimes slide-out parts. These turn your truck into a portable camper for overnight trips. Full-size shells are best if you need living space on the go.

Benefits Of A Camper Shell On A Toyota Tacoma:

Benefits Of A Camper Shell On A Toyota Tacoma:

A quality camper shell extends your Tacoma’s abilities to securely haul cargo, spend nights away, and save fuel costs – all while protecting a major asset for years ahead. Here are the main benefits of installing a camper shell on a Toyota Tacoma:

  • Protect Your Gear: A camper shell keeps all your things dry and safe. If it rains or snows, everything stays untouched in the covered truck bed. The sun won’t fade colors either. Thieves can’t easily take valuables because the bed is shut.
  • More Storage Space: With a shell, you have room for lots more equipment. Picnic gear, sports stuff, tools – it all fits inside protected. Camper shells make the bed like a big box to carry everything together.
  • Save on Gas: Shells fit the truck bed closely in a smooth shape. This lets your Tacoma drive through the wind easier. Tests show trucks can use less gas with a camper versus an open bed. So the shell saves you money every time you hit the road.
  • Use Your Truck More; Now you have a shell, small campers can fit inside the covered bed. Or you can sleep up there on trips. Some even let you stand up! So your Tacoma becomes like a mini-home to travel with.
  • higher Sale Value: A good camper shell takes care of your truck bed for a long time. Later when you sell, the bed will look new still. So your whole truck is worth more money down the line. It’s a smart investment for the future too.


How do I install a camper shell on my Taco?

Installing a camper shell on your Tacoma is usually not too difficult. First, measure your truck bed to make sure the shell fits properly. Then place the shell on top of the bed and secure it to the rails using bolts or clamps included with most shells. Some also attach to the truck cab for extra support. Install is complete once securely in place.

Can you sleep inside a Tacoma camper shell?

Yes, you can absolutely sleep inside a Tacoma camper shell. Many shells are designed specifically for sleeping with features like windows for ventilation. As long as you choose a shell large enough, like a high rise or even a small camper, it can comfortably fit a sleeping pad or air mattress. Be sure to lock it up for security when parked and sleeping in the truck bed.

What is the maximum camper size for a Toyota Tacoma?

The 2021 Tacoma can tow trailers under 4,500 pounds gross weight. Some good fits are the Riverside Retro RV 509 at 1850 pounds, Flagstaff E-pro E12SRK at 3156 pounds, Jayco 10RK at 2000 pounds, Taxa Cricket at 2700 pounds, and Intech Luna at 2200 pounds. All are within the Tacoma’s rating.

Are camper shells universal fit?

Most camper shells are generally made to fit a range of truck beds. However, to be sure of an exact fit, it is best to measure the truck bed first and only purchase a shell that is specifically designed for your Toyota Tacoma model and year. Universal fit is not always guaranteed.

Final Thoughts

Are Camper Shell For Toyota Tacoma? The Toyota Tacoma is a very versatile truck that many people rely on for both work and play. Adding a camper shell takes it to the next level by protecting gear in the bed and offering more uses. Whether you need secure storage, extra space for hauling equipment, or a covered place to sleep on adventures, the right shell transforms your Tacoma. There are different styles suited to varied needs. Do some research on your options to pick one with ideal features.

Proper installation is also key so the shell fits tightly without issues. Down the line when it’s time for a new vehicle, that shell will help keep your Tacoma’s high resale value thanks to preserving the bed. All in all, a quality camper shell delivers plenty of benefits to boost how much you can do with your truck.

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