Best Camping Trailers Under 2,000 lbs

Compact and lightweight, these trailers allow camping enthusiasts to tow their tiny home virtually anywhere. Ranging between 900-2000 lbs, they open access to bucolic sites prohibitive for heavier rigs.

Unburdened by bulk, the open road beckons those willing to downsize their dwelling. Trailheads once out of reach now welcome escapades beyond the everyday. Prioritizing portability over palatial spaces, ultra-light trailers maximize mobility within minimalist margins.

Expanding the boundaries of adventure, they foster closer connection to nature’s subtle scenes hidden from highways’ haste. Empty plots ripe for temporary shelter, seclusion or community now abound for nimble nomads.

Overview Of Best Camping Trailers Under 2,000 lbs

Compact castles on wheels, these diminutive domiciles follow whims into wilderness. Unfettered by fifth-wheel bulk or Airstream airiness, nary a campsite remains out of reach for limber lifestylers. Trailheads once tracking-only welcome wheelhouses weather-tight yet weight-wise. 

Lilliputian lodgings liberate land lusting lads and lasses from cumbersome coaches and confining concrete. Conveniently curated cloisters encourage exploration on sparrow-like sojourns sans infrastructure’s incarceration.

Step-by-step Guide For Best Camping Trailers Under 2,000 lbs

  • Consider your needs – how many people, desired amenities, and type of camping. Teardrops accommodate 1-2 while pop-ups/folding trailers sleep 4-6.
  • Check tow vehicle specs – payload capacity, towing capacity. Stay under these limits for safe travel. Small SUVs and trucks typically can handle under 2,000 lbs.
  • Inspect models – research layouts, features, storage, electrical/plumbing systems. Consider used options or renting first to test lifestyle. Lightweight lets you meander many remote areas.

Best Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 2000 lbs (Top 8 Categories)

If you want the flexibility of hitting the road with a travel trailer but don’t want the large size or heavy weight, an ultralight trailer under 2000 lbs is a great option. These very small trailers can still offer basic amenities for camping and travel while being towable by many smaller SUVs and trucks. 

They are easy to manoeuvre and don’t require a massive truck or SUV to pull. Let’s look at some of the top categories of ultra lightweight travel trailers coming in under the 2000 lb mark.

1. Safari Condo Alto R-1713 (Best Luxury Lightweight Camper)

1. Safari Condo Alto R-1713 (Best Luxury Lightweight Camper)

The Safari Condo Alto lives up to its name with a lavish interior normally found in much larger rigs. Luxurious details like hardwood cabinets and fixtures bring a touch of home into this highly portable package.

Despite its compact shell, clever storage solutions allow the Alto to punch above its weight class. The slide-out doubles the living area, while the full bathroom adds a welcome level of comfort in such a lightweight travel trailer.


  • Under 2,000 lbs for towing versatility
  • Hard sided hybrid camper built on enclosed aluminum cage
  • Full bath includes toilet, shower, and sink
  • Slide-out offers additional sleeping and living space
  • Sleeps 4 people with queen bed and convertible dinette

2. Chalet – the LTW

2. Chalet – the LTW

The Chalet LTW proves that good things come in small, lightweight packages. At under 1600 lbs yet with a full kitchen and bathroom, it is amazingly spacious inside while still being easily towed by most SUVs and smaller trucks. 

The fibreglass skin adds strength with minimal weight for long-lasting beauty on the road. Inside, you’ll find ample countertops, storage and living area, perfect for weekends away or cross-country adventures. While the smallest trailers sacrifice amenities, the LTW holds its own with full appliances. 

Its front kitchen layout makes meals a breeze and leaves the back for the private bathroom. You may not believe all it offers can fit in such a lightweight trailer. The Chalet delivers comfort and livability on a convenient, compact frame for carefree camping anywhere.


  • Less than 1600 lbs
  • 17-19 ft long
  • Fiberglass exterior
  • Front kitchen layout
  • Heater, A/C, refrigerator
  • Shower/toilet

3. Taxa TigerMoth (Best Wilderness Camper)

3. Taxa TigerMoth (Best Wilderness Camper)

The Taxa TigerMoth is built for exploration beyond traditional campgrounds. Its go-anywhere design opens up remote areas usually inaccessible by camper.

With a durable aluminum exoskeleton, the TigerMoth shrugs off rugged terrain that would leave other RVs stuck. Pop up the roof and you have a full outdoor kitchen at your disposal no matter how far off the grid you roam.


  • Fully off-road capable lightweight camper
  • Raised chassis and all-terrain tires for access
  • Pop-up roof adds headroom and sleeping space
  • Full kitchen, sink, fridge, and storage
  • Sleeps 2-3 people comfortably

4. Little Guy Mini Max (Best Wildcard Pick)

4. Little Guy Mini Max (Best Wildcard Pick)

The Mini Max demonstrates that you don’t need massive size to have quality camping. This tiny trailer packs practical features into a diminutive package.

As a truck bed camper, the Mini Max forgoes the need for a separate tow vehicle – simply hook it up and go. Its versatile folding design adapts each area of the trailer for multiple uses of space. Despite humble dimensions, Little Guy proves small doesn’t mean compromised camping.


  • Ultra lightweight at under 1,000 lbs
  • Fits standard full size truck bed
  • Fold-out galley and dining area
  • Sleeps 2 people comfortably
  • Standard 5th wheel hitch for towing versatility

5. ProLite E-Volt (Best Fully Electric/High-Tech)

5. ProLite E-Volt (Best Fully Electric/High-Tech)

The ProLite E-Volt is truly a camper of the future. As the first fully electric RV, it allows owners to experience free-ranging adventure without fuel stops or generators. By harnessing Tesla battery power and a solar roof, the E-Volt provides sustainable off-grid living in a high-tech package. 

Inside, amenities like heated floors and smart device integration merge camping with modern convenience. With no fuel needed once parked, you can focus fully on enjoying nature without noise or emissions. The EVolt inspires what solo, low-impact camping can achieve with innovation.


  • Fully electric camper with 100% solar/battery operation
  • Powered by Tesla battery and solar roof
  • Smart control panel manages power and features
  • Interior includes kitchen, bathroom, heated floors
  • Seamless integration of tech features

6. Happier Camper HC1 Venture (Best Trendy Camping Trailer)

6. Happier Camper HC1 Venture (Best Trendy Camping Trailer)

The Happier Camper HC1 Venture brings retro style into the future of lightweight camping. With nods to vintage trailers yet packed with modern perks, it appeals to those who want glamping meets gearhead.

Inside this little trailer lives surprisingly big, courtesy of clever built-ins. Beachy tones and wood details give a breezy ambiance. Alternately, truck campers transform it into an adventure rig. Social media shows the HC1 sparking wanderlust worldwide – proof it blends fun and function into an icon in the making. Travel in vintage flair, arrive with modern flare.


  • Retro-inspired modern design
  • Weighs under 1,500 lbs
  • Full kitchen, bathroom, sleeping + tech features
  • Storage solutions maximize small space
  • High-end amenities and customizable options

7. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro

7. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro

The Flagstaff E-Pro proves that eco-friendliness doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort or amenities. Its lightweight welded aluminium construction cuts down on fuel use without compromising space or features.

Inside, high-quality fixtures and appliances create a home-like atmosphere. Natural lighting pours in through large windows, while hardwood cabinetry provides storage solutions. On the outside, conveniences like a power awning allow owners to settle in for relaxing trips off the grid. When it’s time to move on, the E-Pro’s ease of towing inspires further exploration.


  • Available in multiple floor plans from 19-30 feet
  • Welded aluminium frame construction
  • Slide-outs and large windows for spacious interior
  • LED lighting, sealed roller drawers
  • Exterior features include awning, storage compartments

8. Armadillo Trailers

8. Armadillo Trailers

Armadillo trailers truly live up to their names with tough, armor-plated exteriors that can withstand punishing conditions. Their air-craft inspired construction gives these trailers around-the-world wanderlust toughness.

Inside, Armadillos shed their hard shells to reveal spacious, thoughtfully designed interiors. Models like the popular XSC provide all the comforts of home in a streamlined package ready for the wilds. And with Armadillo’s reputation for reliability, you’ll feel confident bringing the shelter wherever your adventure leads.


  • Made entirely of aircraft-grade aluminum for strength and durability
  • Sleek, aerodynamic design for smooth towing
  • Interiors feature comfortable sleeping, seating, and kitchen spaces
  • Multiple floor plans available from small trailers to larger models
  • Roof air conditioner and other amenities

How Big Is A 2,000 Pound Trailer?

Under 2000 pounds allows freedom to roam, without CDL most states make it your home. Factor length and width too when picturing the size, regulations define what’s legal to drive and price.

Light enough for most SUV and truck frames to tow, perfect for couples or solo hitting the slow. Expendables offer more room within compact shells, options abound for easy camping your travels.

How Fast Should You Tow A Camper Or Travel Trailer?

For safety, slower speeds help sway and crosswinds overcome. Obey limits posted and vehicle load will inform the stable room. Monitor mirrors when winds pick up so rig remains in tow, smooth control prevents risky oscillations from building flow.

Too fast risks trailer tip or sway you can’t curb, reduced speed buys control to veer mishaps that impair. Steady pace promotes stability down highways straight, and a steady captain towing safely makes each camping trip great.

Is It Hard To Drive With A Camping Trailer?

At first it takes a feel, listening as it sways behind. But with practice comes confidence navigating bends and wind. Take time at parking lots to try braking and backing up, handling comes with experience so your skills keep stepping up.

Mirrors are vital friends to keep the path clear. Leave extra space behind for emergencies to steer clear. Go slow on ramps, watch crosswinds with care. With preparation and care, trailer driving isn’t too hard to bear.

How Do I Pick An Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailer?

Consider cargo weight, features, floor size allow. Check measurements, axles match payload your tow. Electrics, water tanks aid off-grid vacays you scheme. Light, affordable options ample follow this regime.

Pop-ups pack petite, expand spacious when parked. Taller trailers exist easily towed when stark. Factors from cost to comfort ease your wanderlust. Ultra-lights unleash travel – pick perfect for you trust.

What Size Travel Trailer Can I Tow?

What Size Travel Trailer Can I Tow?

Measure tow vehicle stats with patience, payload means safe hauling capacity. Trailer specs like dry weight plus cargo will define max rating snuggly. Stay within limits for full control on any terrain.

Tongue weight totals matter much too for steady towing skill. Distribute weight well for solid handling till stops. Know your vehicle virtues to pick perfect travel mate size for thrills.

How To Avoid Trailer Sway?

Slow down when crosswinds start to pull, ease off gas and maintain full control. Add weight over the axle and use sway control devices, balance the trailer so it follows behind with ease.

Adjust speed for conditions and size of what you haul. Keep loads centred low and brakes adjusted for a solid crawl. Trailer and tow vehicle well-matched are key, preventing sway with prep to travel mishap-free.

Should I Buy An Extended Warranty For My Camper?

Repairs can cost much should breakdowns arise. Extended plans bring peace of mind for unexpected plights. Components like appliances endure hard travel use, warranty may offset repairs should parts refuse.

Inspect the camper well before the purchase seal is broken, maintenance prevents problems a warranty may yoke. Well-built rigs reliably needn’t have extra funds locked down. Extended coverage worth considering for high-end units sounds down.

Campers Under 2,000 lbs With Bathroom

Campers Under 2,000 lbs With Bathroom

Convenience calls from compact trailers light, answer nature’s call inside out of sight. Tiny homes tour ready when lav’s onboard, escapades await no hunt for facilities is abhorred.

Leave utilities at home yet comforts stay, bathrooms included make lightweight RVs pay. Near two thousand pounds some squeeze in facilities three, indoor plumbing adds value to campers who want to be free.

Browse Small Campers With Bathrooms Rentals

Variety of makes and floor plans now at your beck, online lists of rentals just waiting for your inspection. Layouts both basic and lux for every whim, find your bathrooms and book escapades on a dime.

Search by location size or other filters you need, options abound for tours of your fancy breed. Reviews help choose units suited perfectly, bathrooms included make camping convenient glee. Rentals stress-free pave paths less traveled, cozy campers sorted just await your salvo.

What Is The Weight Limit For A Camper?

Each tow vehicle displays maximums it should bear, within gross vehicle and axle ratings safely steer. Combining weights ensures legal and risk-free haul, with care consideration falls within ratings for all.

Pay attention to your manual and placard too, overloaded trips could end in trouble for you. Distribute weight properly for balanced steering sway, know your limits and don’t move the scales away. When in doubt, go lighter for enjoyable touring anyway.

Top 5 Best Travel Trailers Under 25 Feet

  1. Forest River Wolf Pup 17BHS – This highly rated 17-foot trailer offers a rear bathroom and corner kitchen arrangement. It sleeps 4-6 people and has a dry weight of under 3,000 pounds.
  2. Keystone Hideout 193BH – At just under 19 feet, this trailer packs a lot into a small space. The front living room and kitchen layout makes excellent use of the space.
  3. Jayco White Hawk 20BHS – With a dry weight under 5,000 pounds, this 20-foot Jayco provides full amenities like a bathtub and queen bed for its size.
  4. Airstream Interstate 19 – For high quality and reliability, the Interstate 19 is a solid choice at 19 feet. Class leading amenities and aesthetics come at a higher price point.
  5. Palomino Bronco 204RK – This lightweight 4-season trailer has a full galley kitchen, large bunk beds, and sits nicely at just over 20 feet long. Ideal for frequent camping trips with kids.

All of these trailers prioritize functionality with their compact sizes while still fitting necessities for comfortable camping. Their featherweight construction also improves fuel economy when towed.


How fast should you tow a travel trailer?

Speed should match your comfort level, the trailer, and conditions. Too fast invites sway, too slow holds traffic – find a safe pace within flow.

What size travel trailer can I tow?

Your tow vehicle’s limits, in weight and size, depend on engine and brake traits. Know front and rear capacities to pick a trailer fitting towing abilities with ease.

How to avoid trailer sway?

Slowly and smoothly on brakes goes a long way. Adjust load placement and install sway bars to help avoid fishtailing on windy days down the way.

Is it difficult to tow travel trailers under 2,000 pounds?

Lighter trailers let small cars join the fun with ease. Compact living doesn’t mean lacking amenities or sights you wish to see.

What is the weight limit on a single axle camper? 

The average single axle can bear 3,500 pounds with care. Setup properly with load balanced front to rear, safe travels you’ll find there.

Final Thoughts 

Camping trailers under 2,000 pounds provide an unmatched combination of mobility and flexibility for outdoor adventurers. Their lightweight designs allow access to virtually any scenic location without restriction. 

Whether embarking on a weekend expedition or extended touring trip, these tiny trailers remove barriers to exploration while retaining all the comforts of home. Their unmatched versatility and affordable prices make them an unparalleled choice for lightweight living off the grid.

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