Can You Lease An RV? The Complete Guide For 2024

Have you ever wondered whether you can lease an RV, just as you would a car? While traditional RV leasing isn’t common, there are plenty of alternatives that offer flexibility and affordability.

This guide explores why RV leasing is rare and what other options might better suit your adventurous lifestyle, all within the first glimpse of your inquiry.

Can You Lease An RV? 

Unfortunately, traditional leasing options for RVs do not exist in the same way they do for cars.

This is primarily due to the significant depreciation RVs undergo, much like cars, but without the high usage to offset this loss.

This doesn’t mean you’re out of options if you’re looking to hit the road without purchasing outright.

Why Can’t You Lease An RV? 

Leasing an RV is unfeasible mainly because of the rapid depreciation RVs face after purchase.

Unlike cars, which are used daily, RVs are typically used less frequently, making it hard for dealerships to offer a leasing model that would be profitable or attractive to consumers.

Other Options To Consider 

For those who wish to enjoy the RV lifestyle without the commitment of ownership, there are several viable alternatives.

Long-term rentals, RV financing, and peer-to-peer RV sharing platforms provide flexibility and can be more cost-effective depending on your usage and needs.

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Long-Term RV Rentals 

Long-Term RV Rentals 

Renting an RV for an extended period can be a great way to save money while exploring at your own pace.

Many companies offer reduced rates for long-term rentals, making it an attractive option for the frequent traveler.

Why Do A Long-Term RV Rental? 

Choosing a long-term RV rental can drastically reduce the nightly cost and eliminate the upkeep responsibilities associated with owning an RV.

It’s a practical choice for those who want the experience without the long-term financial commitment.

Average Cost of Long-Term RV Rentals 

Average Cost of Long-Term RV Rentals 

The cost of renting an RV long-term varies based on the model, location, and time of year. However, renters can often enjoy between 10% to 15% off the regular nightly rates for rentals that extend beyond two weeks.

Best Companies For Long-Term RV Rentals

  1. Outdoorsy: A peer-to-peer rental giant offering a range of options across the U.S. and abroad.
  2. Indie Camper: Known for both their own fleet and peer-to-peer options, available across several continents.
  3. RV Share: Another peer-to-peer rental service with a vast selection of RVs across the U.S.
  4. Dealerships: Some local dealerships offer rental services that can be a reliable source of well-maintained RVs.

RV Financing 

If you find yourself frequently on the road and considering RV ownership, financing an RV is worth exploring.

Similar to auto loans, RV financing allows you to spread the cost of the RV over several years, making it more manageable.

Pros And Cons – RV Rental vs. Buying 

Renting an RV can be ideal for those not ready to commit to buying, offering lower upfront costs and greater flexibility.

Buying an RV can be economical for regular users, providing long-term savings and the comfort of a second home.


Can I lease an RV for a year? 

No, traditional leasing is not available for RVs, but long-term rental options can provide a similar experience.

What is the cheapest way to rent an RV for a month? 

Long-term rentals typically offer discounts, making them cheaper than standard nightly rates.

Are there any hidden costs in renting an RV long-term? 

Always check for additional fees such as mileage, generator use, and cleaning fees.

Can I negotiate the price of a long-term RV rental? 

Yes, some owners may be willing to negotiate, especially for extended periods.

What should I consider before committing to an RV rental? 

Consider the type of RV, rental duration, total cost, and your travel needs.

Wrapping Up

While leasing an RV like a car isn’t an option, the comprehensive alternatives such as long-term rentals, peer-to-peer platforms, and financing make it feasible and affordable to enjoy the RV lifestyle.

This guide aims to provide you with all the information needed to make an informed decision on how best to enjoy your travels in 2024.

While you can’t traditionally lease an RV, the variety of alternatives available ensures that everyone can enjoy the freedom and joy of RVing.

Whether through long-term rentals, peer-to-peer platforms, or financing your purchase, exploring the great outdoors in an RV has never been more accessible.

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