Getting To Cinque Terre From Florence

The Cinque Terre is nestled along the rugged Ligurian coastline. These five seaside villages have captivated travelers for centuries with their breathtaking beauty.

These UNESCO-listed towns boast vibrant, pastel-hued homes cascading down cliffs to the sparkling Mediterranean.

They offer a taste of quintessential Italian charm. And the good news is, they’re easily accessible from the heart of Tuscany Florence.

Whether you’re seeking a scenic day trip or a multi-day escape, this comprehensive guide will equip you with all the essential information. Plan your journey to the Cinque Terre from Florence like a pro.

How to Get to the Cinque Terre from Florence by Train

How to Get to the Cinque Terre from Florence by Train

Taking the train from Florence to the Cinque Terre is an excellent choice. It’s hassle-free and eco-friendly, perfect for those seeking convenience.

The journey begins at Florence’s Santa Maria Novella Station. From there, you can board a direct train to La Spezia Centrale Station, the gateway to the Cinque Terre region.

This leg of the trip typically takes between 2 and 3 hours. Trains depart hourly or every 30 minutes, depending on the time of day.

Upon arriving in La Spezia, you’ll need to purchase a separate ticket. The Cinque Terre Express train will whisk you through the picturesque villages.

The most cost-effective option is to invest in a Cinque Terre Card. It grants you unlimited rides on the express train and access to the national park’s hiking trails.

This card costs €18.40 for adults and €11.20 for children aged 4-12, with infants and toddlers traveling for free.

To streamline your journey, consider booking tickets directly through Trenitalia, Italy’s national rail service, or user-friendly platforms like Trainline.

While third-party resellers may offer slightly higher prices, their user-friendly interfaces can simplify the booking process.

Getting to the Cinque Terre from Florence by Car

Getting to the Cinque Terre from Florence by Car

Renting a car offers freedom and flexibility. Driving to the Cinque Terre from Florence can be convenient.

The 165 km (102-mile) journey takes approximately 2 hours, traversing an excellent, well-marked highway.

Once you arrive in La Spezia, you can park your vehicle in the underground lot at the train station. Coordinates are available on Google Maps. Then, hop on the Cinque Terre Express train to explore the villages.

If you plan to stay overnight in one of the towns, the coastal road SP51 (Strada Provinciale 51) winds through the mountains above the five villages.

It provides access to limited parking areas outside the town centers. However, it’s important to note that parking within the Cinque Terre is extremely limited, and lots often fill up quickly during peak season.

Expect to pay around €15 for full-day parking. When renting a car, popular aggregators like Discover Cars and Auto Europe can assist you.

They help find the best deals from major rental companies as well as local agencies. Discover Cars is known for its competitive pricing.

Auto Europe offers a more premium experience with well-reviewed companies and robust customer service.

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Visiting the Cinque Terre on a Guided Tour

Hiring a private guide or joining a small-group tour can offer a truly hassle-free and insightful experience.

It’s a fantastic option for those seeking ease and depth in their exploration. You’ll bypass the logistical challenges of navigating public transportation and parking.

Plus, you’ll benefit from a local expert’s insider knowledge and personalized attention.

Expect to pay around €700 for a full-day private tour from Florence, including transportation and a knowledgeable guide.

One of the most highly regarded local guides for the Cinque Terre region is Stefano, a Florence native and outdoor enthusiast.

His customizable private tours can be booked through GoAskALocal. They offer a truly authentic and immersive experience.

Whether you’re interested in hiking, exploring villages, or soaking in coastal vistas, there’s something for everyone.

How to Get from La Spezia to the Cinque Terre

How to Get from La Spezia to the Cinque Terre

If you arrive in La Spezia by train or car, you’ll need to transfer to the Cinque Terre Express train or ferry. This is necessary to reach the five villages.

The train option is the most convenient. It has frequent departures from La Spezia Centrale Station to each of the towns, taking between 15 and 25 minutes.

Alternatively, you can opt for a scenic ferry ride. The ferry operates from the port of La Spezia by Navigazione Golfo dei Poeti.

The journey takes 30 minutes to Manarola. It offers stunning coastal views along the way. Up to 2 hours to Monterosso.

You can buy ferry tickets either at the port or online. Prices vary from €20 to €25, depending on your destination.

How to Get Around in the Cinque Terre

Once you’ve arrived in the Cinque Terre, you’ll have three primary options. You can navigate between the five villages by train, ferry, or on foot.

  • Train: The Cinque Terre Express train is the most efficient way to hop between towns, with each journey taking approximately 5 minutes. Your Cinque Terre Card grants you unlimited rides, making it easy to explore at your own pace.
  • Ferry: From late March to November, ferries operated by Navigazione Golfo dei Poeti connect four of the five villages (except Corniglia, which lacks a port). These scenic 30-minute rides offer a unique perspective of the coastline, with tickets costing €30 for a full-day hop-on, hop-off pass.
  • Walking: For those seeking an immersive and active experience, the Cinque Terre boasts a network of 48 hiking trails, including the classic 12 km (7.5-mile) route connecting all five villages. While most trails are free, you’ll need a Cinque Terre Card to access the Monterosso to Vernazza and Vernazza to Corniglia sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cinque Terre? 

The Cinque Terre is a UNESCO-listed national park in the Liguria region of northwestern Italy. It comprises five picturesque seaside villages: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso.

Where is the Cinque Terre located? 

The Cinque Terre is situated along the rugged Ligurian coast, between the cities of La Spezia and Portofino, about 165 km (102 miles) north of Florence.

Can you visit the Cinque Terre as a day trip from Florence? 

Absolutely! With efficient train connections and a compact geography, it’s entirely possible to explore the Cinque Terre on a day trip from Florence.

How long does it take to walk between all five Cinque Terre towns? 

Reasonably fit individuals can expect to spend around 6 hours walking the entire 12 km (7.5-mile) route, not including time spent exploring the villages themselves.

Are the beaches in the Cinque Terre nice? 

While the Cinque Terre boasts stunning coastal scenery, the beaches themselves are relatively small and can become crowded during peak season. The true draw lies in the charming villages and scenic hiking trails.


Embarking on a journey to the Cinque Terre from Florence is an experience that should grace every traveler’s bucket list.

With its dramatic cliffside villages, winding hiking trails, and azure waters, this coastal gem offers a captivating escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Whether you choose to navigate the region by train, car, or with the guidance of a knowledgeable local expert, the memories created in this Italian paradise will undoubtedly linger long after your return.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your unforgettable Cinque Terre adventure today!

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