Most Common Little Guy Mini Max Problems with Solutions

The Little Guy Mini Max is the smallest teardrop camper made by Little Guy Trailers. Though compact in dimensions, it manages to include impressive attributes within a lightweight, portable design. Such practical features have made the Mini Max a wise decision for those pursuing excitement outdoors. However, any trailer can develop issues. 

Some common problems reported by Mini Max owners include water system malfunctions, cabinet defects, and shower leaks. Though frustrating, most problems have straightforward solutions. With basic mechanical skills and patience, Mini Max owners can troubleshoot and repair issues on their own. This article discusses the most prevalent Little Guy Mini Max problems owners face. 

The guide sheds light on the fundamental reasons behind issues and offers a systematic, step-by-step process for diagnosis. Practical, budget-friendly solutions are presented so owners can get their Mini Max back on the road for worry-free adventures. With the right information and tools, even novices can tackle Mini Max repairs.

Little Guy Mini Max Problems with Solutions

Little Guy Mini Max Problems with Solutions

The petite Little Guy Mini Max camper trailer promises adventure, but sometimes falls short due to issues like broken cabinet latches, leaky plumbing, or faulty electrical connections. Thankfully, most problems have simple, affordable solutions if owners have the right repair info and DIY determination to troubleshoot issues as they arise on the road. There are five major issues with their solutions are:

1. Shower Issues

The shower in the Little Guy Mini Max receives frequent complaints from owners regarding the door and shower fixture. The smoked translucent door raises privacy issues, allowing silhouettes to be visible when showering. This causes discomfort for some users. 

Moreover, the budget shower fixture lacks adjustability and reliable directional control of water flow. Owners report frustration with trying to manipulate the rigid setup to achieve a comfortable water stream. These shortcomings motivate many Mini Max owners to seek out simple aftermarket upgrades.


Door Replacement – Switching out the factory-installed smoked translucent door for an opaque alternative solves the privacy issue completely. An aftermarket opaque door prevents silhouettes from being seen during showering.

Shower Fixture Upgrade – Replacing the economic shower fixture with a sturdier, multi-angle shower head vastly improves the showering experience. Higher-end hardware provides easier adjustability and more reliable directional water flow control compared to the rigid factory unit.

Bathroom Enclosure Upgrade – For additional convenience while showering, some owners install aftermarket prefabricated bathroom stalls. These units come with built-in shelves, towel bars, and other upgrades that customize the wash space.

With straightforward and budget-friendly improvements, addressing common issues in the Flagstaff Super Lite enhances the camper’s shower, creating a more comfortable, private, and convenient experience for life on the road.

2. Structural Issues

The compact nature of the Little Guy Mini Max leaves it susceptible to some minor structural flaws, especially when underway. Several owners note issues with storage components coming loose during travel. DVDs fall out of the entertainment center cabinet due to insufficient depth to properly secure the media. 

The TV mount magnet also fails to keep the unit firmly positioned. Kitchen cabinets also annoy owners as contents shift around while driving due to weak latches. These nuisances detract from the overall quality of life in the tiny trailer.


Entertainment Center – Deepening the entertainment cabinet even an inch or two would better contain DVDs during transit so they don’t spill out. Securing media in travel cases or with velcro provides another simple solution.

TV Mount – Replacing or reinforcing the magnet ensures it will reliably keep the TV static while moving down roads. Alternative mounting brackets also resolve the issue.

Kitchen Cabinets – Swapping out the kitchen cabinet latches for heavy-duty versions prevents the doors from falling open. Installing slide-out shelves and additional storage compartments optimizes the limited galley space as well.

Table Mount – The kitchen dinette table features a cumbersome mounting system. Installing a simplified table leg setup creates easier access for entering and exiting the seating area.

With some minor upgrades and reinforcements, owners can resolve the most glaring structural deficiencies of the Mini Max. Simple enhancements transform the utility of the living space for optimal practicality while on camping trips.

3. Water Tank Issues

Water Tank Issues

One of the most frequently cited grievances from Little Guy Mini Max owners relates to problems with the freshwater system. Owners report the water flow randomly stopping even though the tank level reads 25% or more capacity remaining. This proves highly inconvenient, especially amid tasks like showering. The issue stems from air pockets accumulating from low tank levels, causing pump failures in circulating flow. Following priming procedures to restart flow proves frustratingly time-consuming. Preventing vapor locks requires diligent monitoring of tank levels before they reach critically low levels.


Tank Monitoring – Keeping the freshwater tank above 25% capacity is strongly advised to minimize vapor lock events. Monitoring levels before showering and promptly refilling once below 50% significantly reduces issues.

Burping/Priming – Once a vapor lock stops flow, burping the plumbing lines by allowing sinks and shower to run open redirects air trapped in the system so water resumes flowing with pump operation. Repeatedly flushing the toilet also effectively purges air out through the discharge pipe.

Filter Checks – In rare cases with persistent flow problems, removing and inspecting the water pump filter may reveal debris blockages preventing adequate flow. Cleaning or replacing a defective filter restores full circulation.

With attentive tank level observation and familiarity performing air purging procedures, Mini Max owners can take proactive measures minimizing inconvenient vapor locks shutting off the water supply. Patience and practiceopens the door to smooth, uninterrupted water convenience while on the road.

4. Fickle TV Mounts and Unsecured Media Storage

In addition to troublesome cabinets, Mini Max owners also commonly cite issues with keeping the entertainment components secured. The factory TV mounting bracket leans on a weak magnetic back hoping to support weight through road shake and rattling trailer walls. However the magnet easily fails at this job allowing the TV to crash down.

Likewise, the budget build entertainment center cabinet offers insufficient depth. Inner shelves stand nearly flush with the door opening. This allows DVDs and video game cases to constantly spill out into floor piles after hitting any bumps during a drive. Both oversights quickly incite owner annoyance.


Securing both flawed entertainment fixtures requires similarly simple upgrades any DIYer can tackle in an afternoon or less:

Better TV Mount

  • Purchase a wall-mounted TV swivel bracket designed for RVs. Look for at least a 20-pound capacity.
  • Use a stud finder to locate solid anchor points behind the wall paneling.
  • Mark and drill holes to accept the bracket’s securing bolts.
  • Bolt the heavy-duty bracket into the wall studs using a ratchet wrench.
  • Attach TV mounting plate according to instructions.
  • Slide TV into place and enjoy the reassurance of a road-ready mount!

Deeper Media Cabinet

  • Remove cabinet doors with a Phillip’s screwdriver. Set them aside carefully.
  • Mark and use a jigsaw to cut 1-2” deeper side and back walls. Sand rough edges.
  • Rehang doors and test fit DVD cases and game boxes. Make further depth adjustments if items still rest too loosely.
  • Line back walls with non-slip foam.

With marginal effort and expense, owners remedy two notoriously annoying flaws to finally maintain order inside the Mini Max living quarters during travels near and far.

5. Standard Base Floor Plan Issue

5. Standard Base Floor Plan Issue

The standard base floor plan that is currently used for the community centers has presented some challenges. Specifically, the open layout makes it difficult to hold multiple programs at the same time, as activities can be disruptive to each other. Additionally, the current layout does not have adequate storage space for the various supplies and materials needed to run community programs and events. 


Install soundproof dividers to divide open spaces into different program rooms. This would allow multiple activities to take place simultaneously without excessive noise disruptions.

Construct additional storage rooms or closets. This added storage space adjacent to programming rooms would keep supplies organized and readily accessible.

Develop alternative floor plans that have dedicated program spaces separated by full walls and doors. This more traditional layout facilitates hosting concurrent events more smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Little Guy Mini Max made?

Little Guy Mini Max trailers are made at the Little Guy World manufacturing facility in Sugarcreek, Ohio.

How do I winterize my little guy mini Max?

To winterize a Little Guy Mini Max, drain all water and add RV antifreeze to the plumbing lines, remove batteries and store indoors, clean the interior, and follow all other winterization procedures in the owner’s manual.

Does the little guy Max have a bathroom?

Yes, some Little Guy Max trailer models are equipped with a small bathroom that contains a toilet, sink, and shower.

How much does a little guy micro max weight?

The dry weight of the Micro Max trailer by Little Guy is approximately 1,500 pounds. The hitch weight is 150 to 225 pounds.


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