10 Problems of KZ RV and Their Solutions

KZ RV is a popular manufacturer of recreational vehicles, but like any RV, they can develop issues from time to time. Getting problems fixed quickly is key to avoiding bigger headaches down the road. 

In this article, we will overview some of the most common KZ RV problems reported by owners along with practical solutions to address them. Areas we will cover include problems with quality control, electrical systems, slide outs, axles and suspension, appliances, generators, roof, water damage, propane systems and wheels and tires. Having the right troubleshooting knowledge and preventative maintenance procedures is key to minimizing disruptions on your next big RV adventure. 

For each issue outlined, actionable and effective solutions backed by RV expert recommendations will be provided. Equipped with this guide, KZ RV owners will feel empowered to resolve problems efficiently so they can get back on the open road. Here we will look at 10 common issues with KZ RVs and possible solutions for each one.

Quality Control and Construction Issues

Over the years, some KZ RV owners have reported problems related to quality control and construction. Some of the common complaints include:

Water Leaks

Leaks, especially from slide outs, windows and the roof are a common complaint. Carefully inspect seals and have any leaks fixed right away to prevent further damage.

Loose Fixtures and Fittings

Do a thorough inspection and tighten any loose hinges, latches, drawer slides etc. Consider replacing any damaged or defective fittings.


  • Carefully inspect the RV on delivery and thoroughly test all systems
  • Get any issue, no matter how minor, fixed right away
  • Consider an extended warranty for peace of mind
  • Check all seals and fittings regularly and repair as needed

Electrical System Issues

Electrical System Issues

The electrical system in an RV is complex and failures can occur. Some KZ owners report problems like:

Faulty Wiring

Get all wiring checked by a certified RV technician to avoid hazards. Replace old or damaged wiring promptly.

Power Converter/Inverter Failure

Have these inspected annually and replace any failing components. Keep an extra converter or inverter for emergencies.


  • Learn how to safely test and maintain electrical systems
  • Install surge protectors to protect sensitive electronics
  • Check all receptacles, converters etc. before a trip
  • Carry spare fuses, light bulbs, converters etc.

Slide Out Issues

Slide out compartments increase living space but also bring mechanical complexity. Some slide problems include:

Slide Out Leaking

Ensure peak performance by meticulously examining all seals and promptly replacing any damaged ones. Follow manufacturer guidelines to adjust a slide and lubricate slides regularly, fostering optimal functionality for an enjoyable RV experience.

Slide Out Failure

If a slide gets stuck or won’t close fully, call a certified RV technician. Attempting to force slides can cause serious damage.


  • Keep slide mechanisms clean, lubricated and adjusted
  • Inspect slide seals regularly and get them replaced as needed
  • Learn proper slide operation procedures in owner’s manual
  • Turn off water supply to slide before extending it

Axle and Suspension Problems

A heavy RV puts strain on axles, tires and suspension. Some common issues include:

Broken or Bent Axles

Hitting rocks or potholes can damage axles. Inspect frequently and replace damaged axles. Consider upgrading to heavy duty axles.

Worn Out Shocks/Springs

If the ride seems rough, have shocks and springs inspected. Replace worn parts for safety and comfort.


  • Load RV properly without exceeding weight capacities
  • Upgrade to heavier duty suspension designed for RVs
  • Align axles after hitting rough terrain
  • Annual inspection and replace shocks every 5 years

RV Appliance Repairs

RV Appliance Repairs

From fridges to water pumps, an RV has many appliances that can have technical issues:

Refrigerator Failures

If the fridge isn’t getting cold, ensure proper ventilation. If that fails, call a repair technician to avoid spoiling food.

Furnace Problems

If the furnace fails in freezing weather, use alternate heat sources temporarily and call a repair technician promptly to avoid cold weather freeze damage.


  • Have a technician address appliance issues rather than attempting DIY fixes
  • Keep spare fuses, filters, lightbulbs for easier roadside repairs
  • Check all appliances thoroughly before long trips
  • Use a surge protector to protect delicate electronics

Generator Trouble

Generator failures can leave you without 120-volt AC power for cooking, lights etc:

Generator Won’t Start

First ensure you have sufficient fuel. Check error codes on digital models. Attempt jump starting if battery is run down. Call for repair help if needed.

Generator Doesn’t Deliver Full Power

Clean fuel filters and check for clogs if generator output seems low. Consider load testing and rebuilding alternator or replacing brushes.


  • Have generator inspected before camping season
  • Bring extra fuel filters, fuses when camping
  • Learn how to troubleshoot basic generator issues
  • Consider installing solar power as a backup system

Roof Damage

The roof of a RV takes a lot of abuse from weather and environmental factors:

Roof Leaking

Inspect sealants around vents, aerodynamic carrier bars etc. Reseal as needed to prevent water penetration especially along seams and joints. Consider resealing annually.

Roof Discoloration/Streaking

This is typical wear and tear but can look bad over time. Attempt restoration cleaning and use protectants to renew roof appearance.


  • Inspect roof regularly and reseal any cracks
  • Repair major damage like delamination promptly
  • Keep roof clean and apply UV protectants
  • Consider installing roof protection like fiberglass or rubber walkways

Water Damage Issues

Leaks, humidity, spills etc. can all cause water damage if not addressed quickly. Some common issues include:

Warped Cabinetry

If water seeps behind cabinets, it can warp substrates. Dry thoroughly, remove badly warped sections and consider replacing with moisture-resistant replacements.

Mold/Mildew Growth

Frequent cleaning and ventilation discourages mold growth which can thrive in damp areas. Dehumidifiers help keep humidity down.


  • Identify and repair all leaks promptly
  • Ensure slide outs are tightly sealed when closed
  • Use dehumidifier bags/dehumidifier to reduce humidity
  • Avoid bringing in outside water as much as possible

Propane System Problems

Propane System Problems

Cooking, heating and refrigeration all depend on a properly functioning propane system:

Propane Leaks

If you smell gas, turn off valves and have the system tested by a professional before using again. Have damaged tanks or lines replaced immediately.

Carbon Monoxide Issues

Install CO detectors per manufacturer’s guidelines. Ensure all appliance exhausts are operating properly. Never cover exterior vents.


  • Install CO and propane alarms as required
  • Have system inspected for leaks annually
  • Ensure adequate ventilation when using propane appliances
  • Follow all safety procedures in owner’s manual

Wheel/Tire Failure

Wheel/tire problems can happen anytime, especially after striking road hazards:


Drive slowly over bumps rather than swerving to reduce odds of blowouts. Always have spare tires in good repair.

Wheel Bearing Failure

Listen for grinding noises indicating worn bearings. Have bearings inspected and repacked annually to prevent breakdowns.


  • Check tires thoroughly before each trip looking for cracks/bulges/wear
  • Ensure tires inflated to spec and can handle RV load rating
  • Pack wheel bearings yearly and replace after overhaul limit met
  • Have balancing and alignment checked frequently

Encounter occasional KZ trailer problems with confidence by staying prepared with tools, spare parts, and repair know-how. Follow manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations, stay connected on RV forums for common issue solutions, and establish rapport with a trusted RV repair shop. Proactive care minimizes headaches, ensuring you swiftly get back on the road for countless adventurous trips in your KZ RV.

LED Light Issues

Many KZ RVs now use LED lighting instead of incandescent bulbs. However, LEDs can still have problems. Some issues include:

Failed Individual LEDs

If you have string lights, one or more individual LEDs may stop working even if the others are still on. Replace the entire light strip.

Flickering Lights

This is often wiring or voltage issues. Have the electrician check all connections and power supply.

Lights Develop Color Shift

This is a common issue over time. Replace lighting that develops incorrect color over time.

Dimming Problems

If lights seem to dim, flicker or brighten oddly, ensure consistent 12V power. Consider adding a voltage regulator. Replace defective dimmer switch.


  • Carry spare LED strips, bulbs when camping
  • Use manufacturer recommended voltage regulator
  • Have certified electrician diagnose odd performance
  • Consider adding a solar panel system for steady power

Is KZ a Good RV Brand?

Is KZ a Good RV Brand?

For over 40 years recreational vehicle fans have trusted the KZ brand for affordable, family friendly campers. KZ offers versatile floor plans suited for couples or large families at reasonable price points compared to luxury brands. While occasional issues can develop like with any RV, many KZ owners report being pleased with responsive customer service support. 

Follow the tips provided in this guide regarding preventative maintenance, prompt problem response and acquiring repair expertise and your KZ RV is likely to provide miles of smiles for years to come even with frequent use. While luxury amenities may be fewer, core construction is durable and KZ innovations like slide outs, storage and floor plans give you solid functionality for memory making road trips on a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KZ RV a good camper manufacturer?

KZ RV is considered one of the top RV manufacturers. They make reliable and affordable travel trailers and fifth wheels.

Is KZ Sportsmen a good brand?

KZ Sportsmen is a respected travel trailer brand known for quality construction and features at an affordable price.

Who owns KZ RV?

Thor Industries owns the KZ RV company brand. They are one of the largest RV manufacturers in North America.

Who manufactures the KZ connect?

Forest River Inc manufactures the KZ Connect line of travel trailers for the KZ RV company, which is owned by Thor Industries.


From leakages to electrical failures, many issues can crop up with recreational vehicles like those made by KZ. We outlined ten frequent problems reported by KZ RV owners ranging from appliance troubles to slide out malfunctions. For each common problem presented, tips were provided drawing on input from industry experts for practical troubleshooting and preventive steps owners can take. 

Addressing problems promptly and having the right tools, spare parts, repair knowledge and manufacturer-recommended maintenance procedures in place allows KZ fans to spend more time enjoying their RVs rather than sitting in repair shops. While no RV is immune to occasional issues, with robust preventative care as outlined and quick problem response, KZ RV travelers will be ready to tackle challenges efficiently.

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