Review Of Eagle River Campground

Looking for a campground near Anchorage that offers both wilderness charm and convenience? Consider Eagle River Campground. Located just outside of Anchorage in Eagle River, this campground provides easy access to amenities while still feeling like an escape into nature. You’re only a short 15-minute drive from restaurants, stores and other services in downtown Eagle River.

The campground itself is tucked away from the bustle of the city, giving you the peaceful experience of camping under the stars. Yet many outdoor activities are also nearby, with numerous hiking trails within a 15-minute drive.

I recently discovered Eagle River Campground after driving past it for years. Its ideal location close to Anchorage made me curious to check it out. In this guide, I’ll give you an overview of what the campground has to offer and what you can expect from a stay. I hope it helps you decide if Eagle River Campground is a good fit for your next camping adventure.

Eagle River Campground Review

Eagle River Campground Review

Eagle River Campground is beautifully situated near where the Eagle River meets the valley. It’s directly on the riverbank, which drowns out noise from the nearby Glenn Highway, even though it’s less than half a mile away. I was shocked at how quiet and peaceful it was given the highway’s close proximity – usually you’d hear traffic for sure. The river really works like a sound barrier though.

The campground is situated within Chugach State Park and managed by Alaska State Parks. Sites are $20 per night, which I thought was very reasonable. Unlike other state park campgrounds I’ve been to, Eagle River only allows stays up to 3 nights maximum. I found that a bit unusual since many have a limit of 2 weeks. Maybe it’s because it’s located so near Anchorage, they don’t want people essentially living there long-term.

Most of the individual campsites had nice spacing between them to give a good sense of privacy. The layout was designed well to make you feel like you had your own little space within the forest even though others were nearby. It had a nice balance of being able to visit with neighbors if you wanted but also feel like you could get away from it all at your campsite.

Eagle River Campground Campsites

The campground has 57 regular sites that can fit RVs or tents. No limits on vehicle size! There are also 10 overflow sites. My favorite part is the 8 tent-only sites right on the riverbank – what a view to wake up to!

As a wildlife area, safety is key. I noticed they have bear lockers, which is great for food storage if you walk or bike in. Bears live nearby so a clean camp is a must. Also talk to the host and read signs for recent sightings. They want everyone to enjoy nature safely. The lockers and info help reduce conflicts so humans and animals can co-exist peacefully.

Eagle River Campground Amenities

The campground provides water outside at different spigots, so no need to haul heavy jugs. There are also pit toilets spaced around for bathroom needs. A dumpster is on site for garbage. Please don’t leave food or trash around though – black and grizzly bears live nearby. Taking care of our waste protects the beautiful wildlife.

You won’t find any hookups at this campground for RVs. But there is a dump station for $5, which is great to have. Sadly when I went it was broken over summer. Hope they fix it since emptying tanks is important. Overall the facilities meet basic needs though, no frills required for a peaceful nature getaway!

When Is Eagle River Campground Open?

Eagle River Campground operates on a seasonal basis, typically opening in late May and remaining open through late September each year. This provides campers access to the facilities for the core summer months, while avoiding the warmer temperatures of July and August as well as potential early snowfalls in the shoulder seasons.

Where Is Eagle River Campground Located?

Eagle River Campground is conveniently positioned just over 15 miles northeast of Anchorage. Located along the Glenn Highway, getting from the city to the campground entails a quick 20 minute drive through scenic landscape. This easy accessibility allows campers based in Anchorage easy access to Alaska’s natural beauty without a lengthy commute.

The campground can seamlessly serve as a road-trip friendly home base for exploring both Eagle River and its surrounding attractions while still offering peaceful respite close to the city amenities of Anchorage.

Activities At Eagle River Campground

Activities At Eagle River Campground

Many recreational options await within close proximity, requiring only a short drive from the campsite.

1. Hiking At Eagle River Campground

Barbara Falls offers a great family-friendly hike just over a mile roundtrip. Marvel at the falls from the base. Mount Baldy also makes for an enjoyable outing near camp, its 2.7 mile loop manageable even for little ones. When my son was 7 we hiked Baldy together – the gentle grade and scenic views keep young energy engaged. Both destinations make the most of pretty paths near the campground.

2. Rafting At Eagle River Campground

If you’re up for an adventure on the water, Eagle River offers rafting and kayaking close by camp. No outfitters guide trips though, so come fully prepared with your own gear and skills.

This river ain’t no lazy float – there are plenty of risky sections that demand serious experience. Only seasoned rafters should take it on. Eagle River has unfortunately seen some losses over the years from overconfident souls underestimating its power. Respect is key if you do decide to brave these turbulent waters. Safety first – make sure you and your crew are ultra competent before taking the plunge.

3. Eagle River Nature Center Campground

The Eagle River Nature Center, around a 15-20 minute drive from the campground, is a must-see. Its exhibits give fascinating insights into the local ecology and geology. Even better are the extensive trail networks inviting yourself into the wilderness.

Be alert though, as black and grizzly bears frequently visit. Keep an eye out for salmon too in fall, as the boardwalk system provides great salmon-watching. The Nature Center offers a wonderful opportunity to deepen your understanding and appreciation of this special place, so take a morning or afternoon to explore its educational delights and natural splendors. Just remember, where bears roam, vigilance is key.

Final Thoughts

Eagle River Campground makes for an awesome weekend getaway, even though it’s not too far from Anchorage. You’d never know the city was nearby with the quiet, tranquil vibe here.

Whether you’re camped or just passing through, I say give this place a look-see. Drive on in to check out the sites and river views – see if the mellow vibes suit you. Even if you’re not staying over, it’s worth a stop to appreciate the relaxing scene. Who knows, you might find your new favorite nature escape right in your own backyard. Happy trails out there.

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