The Secret To Taking Better Couples Photos

Capturing precious memories through Couples Photos is one of the most cherished ways to document your travels.

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful photo that transports you back to the emotions, sights, and sounds of an unforgettable experience.

However, nailing that perfect couple’s shot is often easier said than done. But fear not, because in this comprehensive guide, we’ll unveil the secrets to taking breathtaking couples photos that you’ll treasure for years to come.


Having the right photography gear can make a world of difference when it comes to capturing stunning couples pictures. Don’t underestimate the power of proper equipment in elevating your photography game.



While a DSLR camera like the Canon EOS R offers unparalleled image quality and versatility, smartphones have come a long way in recent years.

The iPhone X, for instance, can capture spontaneous moments on the go with impressive clarity. Ultimately, the best camera is the one you have with you, but a DSLR will undoubtedly provide more creative control and flexibility in various lighting conditions.


Investing in a sturdy tripod is a game-changer for Couples Photos. Not only does it allow you to set up your camera anywhere, but it also frees you up to be in the shot without relying on strangers.

Our recommendation? Look for a tripod that’s stable enough to support your camera’s weight without any wobbling or tipping.



Forget the hassle of running back and forth to hit the self-timer button. An intervalometer is a nifty device that hooks up to your camera and captures a continuous stream of photos at set intervals.

This handy tool allows you to relax and let your natural, loving selves shine through, resulting in more candid and authentic couples pictures.


Props can be the X-factor that takes your couples photos from good to great. Whether it’s a vibrant bouquet of flowers, a cozy blanket, or even a whimsical set of twinkle lights, props can add depth, storytelling, and creativity to your shots.

Don’t be afraid to get playful and experiment with different items to capture the essence of your moment.


Powerful photos are not just about technical expertise; they’re also about capturing genuine emotions and connections. Adopting the right mindset is crucial for creating truly captivating couples pictures.

  • Play some music: Whether it’s a cheesy love song or an upbeat dance track, music can help set the mood and get you both feeling more relaxed and in sync.
  • Talk to each other: A simple whisper or inside joke can spark genuine laughter and intimacy, resulting in more natural and organic photos.
  • Channel your inner (fill in the blank): Channeling your favorite movie character or celebrity can help you tap into different emotions and poses, adding depth and variety to your shots.


While shooting in crowded public places can feel intimidating, embracing the awkwardness and having fun with it is key.

Remember, you’re creating lasting memories and inspiring others to express themselves fearlessly. If you start to feel self-conscious, try giggling your way through it a shared laugh can make for some truly candid and endearing couples pictures.

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Good composition is the foundation of any great photo, and couples photography is no exception. Mastering these techniques can elevate your shots from snapshots to works of art:

  • Balancing the Composition: Following the rule of thirds can help you create visually appealing and balanced compositions. Many cameras even have a grid setting to guide you.
  • Geometric Shapes: Look for opportunities to incorporate shapes like triangles, S-curves, or even squares into your poses. These shapes add dynamic tension and visual interest to your couples pictures.
  • Movement: Capturing movement, whether it’s a twirl of a dress or a mid-step stride, can infuse your photos with energy and a sense of “being there.”
  • Eye Contact: Where you and your partner direct your gaze can tell a different story. Looking lovingly at each other creates an intimate, romantic vibe, while both gazing off into the distance can convey a sense of adventure or wonder.


While posing for couples pictures can feel awkward at first, having a few go-to poses in your repertoire can make the process much smoother and more enjoyable. Here are some of our favorites:


This seated, cross-legged pose is both cozy and intimate. Start by having one partner sit with one leg straight and the other bent.

Then, have the other partner wrap their legs around like a koala, leaving some space between you to reach for each other or lean in for a kiss.


Simple yet elegant, this pose captures the essence of walking hand-in-hand or with an arm around each other.

The trick? Avoid flat-footed stances and aim for a mid-step look by keeping one foot lifted, knee bent, and thigh tensed. This small detail adds a dynamic, natural feel to your romantic photos.


Who doesn’t love a classic lift pose? For the partner doing the lifting, support your significant other around the rib cage or under the thighs.

The key for the lifted partner is to create flattering lines and shapes with their body, like a triangle, K-shape, or S-curve.

Play with different leg and arm positions, and don’t forget to vary your eye contact for added drama.


Embrace your inner Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers with a twirling or ballroom-inspired pose. For a classic twirl shot, have one partner lift their hand as the other spins beneath, flicking their dress or shirt for added movement.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try incorporating some actual dance moves for a truly dynamic shot.


Carrying poses are not only romantic but also playful and fun. Try the classic “bride carry,” with one partner cradled in the other’s arms. Alternatively, go for a more casual piggyback or shoulder ride.

Remember to keep a loose grip. Let your partner’s legs dangle naturally to the side for a more relaxed look.


  • Chin up, back straight: Good posture can make a world of difference in how graceful and confident you appear in your couples pictures.
  • Have a point of connection: Whether it’s holding hands, linking arms, or simply making eye contact, maintain a connection to convey intimacy.
  • Don’t block each other: Be mindful of the camera angle and adjust your poses accordingly to ensure both of you are visible.
  • Tighten up the core: Engaging your core muscles can help create a more flattering silhouette in your shots.
  • Angle toward the light and camera: Positioning yourselves correctly in relation to the light source and camera can make a big difference in how your photos turn out.
  • Review the shots: Don’t be afraid to take a peek at your photos and make adjustments as needed. Sometimes, a small tweak can take a good pose to a great one.
  • Be adventurous: Some of the best couples photos come from spontaneous, unplanned moments. Don’t be afraid to try new things and have fun with it!
  • Know when to move on: If a particular pose or angle isn’t working, don’t get too hung up on it. Sometimes, it’s better to move on and try something new.


The right in-camera techniques are crucial. Post-processing can also play a significant role in creating the perfect mood and atmosphere for your couples pictures.

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful editing tool that offers a wide range of customization options, from color grading to fine-tuning exposure and contrast.

One of our favorite Lightroom hacks is creating custom presets. These are pre-defined settings that can instantly transform the look and feel of your photos with just a few clicks.

For example, our “Bohemian” preset from the Voyager Collection adds warm, earthy tones and a touch of vintage flair, perfect for capturing that romantic, wanderlust vibe.


At the end of the day, the key to taking better couples photos is practice and patience. It’s also important to have fun with the process.

Study inspiration photos and experiment with different poses and angles. Don’t be afraid of imperfect shots some of the most candid and endearing moments often come from the unexpected.

Remember, stunning couples pictures are well within your reach. With the right gear, mindset, and techniques, you’ll be able to capture memories that will transport you back to those special moments.

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