Toyota Tacoma Pop Up Camper Guide: Models Tacomas Can Tow

The Toyota Tacoma is a popular truck for towing small campers due to its capable yet compact size. This guide will explore which pop up camper models are suitable matches based on the Tacoma’s towing specifications to help readers find the right setup for their needs.

Have you ever dreamed of going camping but weren’t sure which small camper to pair with your Toyota Tacoma? This guide will walk you through how to select the perfect pop up camper that your truck can safely and easily handle on road trips.

Pairing your Tacoma with a pop up camper is a fun way to enjoy the great outdoors. However, it’s important to choose a camper that does not exceed your truck’s towing capacity. Let’s first review Tacoma towing specs and then look at compatible pop up camper options.

How Much Can A Toyota Tacoma Pull?

How Much Can A Toyota Tacoma Pull?

The Toyota Tacoma can pull different weights depending on its engine and packages. Tacomas with a 4 cylinder engine or a V6 without a tow package can pull 3,500 pounds. Only Tacomas with a V6 engine that has a towing package can pull the most at 6,400 pounds.

It’s unsafe to pull a trailer that weighs more than the truck’s limit. Doing so can make the truck harder to control and stop. It’s important to get a trailer that matches your Tacoma’s towing capacity so you can travel safely.

Find Your Toyota Tacoma Pop Up Camper Towing Capacity

To safely tow a pop-up camper with your Toyota Tacoma, it’s important to know the truck’s towing capacity. The towing capacity depends on factors like the engine and whether the vehicle has a towing package. Tacomas with 4-cylinder engines or V6 engines without the towing package can generally tow 3,500 pounds.

Only Tacomas equipped with a V6 engine and towing package reach the higher capacity of 6,400 pounds. Check your Tacoma’s specifications to find the rated towing capacity and be sure any trailer or camper you plan to tow falls within those limits. Exceeding the capacity can compromise safety and put too much strain on the vehicle.

What Trailer Weight Should You Consider?

When choosing a pop-up camper for your Toyota Tacoma, it’s important to consider the trailer’s weight ratings. The dry weight is what the camper weighs empty, while the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the maximum total weight when full. You’ll want your Tacoma’s towing capacity to cover at least the dry weight and ideally the GVWR for safety.

But a lighter camper is easier to tow. Also note Toyota has rules like requiring trailer brakes if over 1,000 lbs or sway control over 2,000 lbs. Consider your intended use to balance a camper’s size with your truck’s capabilities so you can tow comfortably without worries.

There is a wide range of pop-up campers that can be towed by Toyota Tacomas depending on the truck’s configuration. Lighter dry weight models from around 100-1500 lbs are suitable for Tacomas with the standard tow rating of 3,500 lbs. This includes popular brands like SylvanSport, Tentrax, Kamparoo, ALiner and others.

Matching Pop-Up Campers To Your Tacoma’s Towing Ability

Some models in the 1500-3000 lb range may require the optional V6 engine and tow package for Tacomas rated up to 6,400 lbs towing. Above 3000 lbs, the V6 with tow package is usually needed. Sway control or weight distribution equipment may also be necessary for trailers over 2000 lbs or 5000 lbs respectively according to Toyota’s guidelines.

The heaviest campers fall in the 3500-7500 lb range like larger models from Rockwood, TrailManor, Taxa Outdoors, Lifestyle Campers and MDC USA. These will certainly require a Tacoma equipped for maximum towing capacity. Checking individual specifications helps ensure a camper matches a particular Tacoma’s capabilities for safe and compliant towing.

Test Drive A Pop Up Camper With Your Toyota Tacoma

Test Drive A Pop Up Camper With Your Toyota Tacoma

Purchasing a pop-up camper is a major investment, so it’s important to ensure it will meet your needs when towed by your Toyota Tacoma. Dealers and private sellers won’t allow test drives, but you can rent different models on sites like RVshare, RVezy or Outdoorsy to get hands-on experience before buying. This allows you to see how each trailer handles being towed by your Tacoma on real road trips.

For example, the author rented an R-Pod through Outdoorsy but found it didn’t drive as well paired with their truck as they wanted. This valuable rental experience revealed a pop-up was preferable and helped them choose the right ALiner model to ideally suit camping with their family in their Toyota.

Is The Toyota Tacoma Good For Towing?

The Toyota Tacoma is a very good truck for pulling or dragging things behind it. No matter which Tacoma you have, all of them can pull up to 3,500 pounds, which is a big weight. This means you can pull small trailers, boats, motorbikes and even tiny homes behind your Tacoma truck.

Some things you can pull are small campers to sleep in while on holiday, small boats to use on lakes and rivers, and dirt motorbikes to ride off-road. So the Toyota Tacoma is reliable and strong enough to tow many fun recreational items that are 3,500 pounds or less, making it a very useful vehicle for activities like camping, boating and motor sports.


How much can a Toyota Tacoma tow safely?

All Toyota Tacomas can pull 3,500 pounds. But with the special towing add-on, this goes up to 6,800 pounds. The towing add-on gives you a strong hitch and cooling to haul heavier things safely.

Can a Toyota Tacoma pull a pop up camper?

Most small pop-up campers weigh less than 3,500 pounds, so Tacomas can tow them. Higher models let you tow anything on the list. The engine upgrade and tow add-ons make your Tacoma strong enough for all listed pop-up campers.

What size camper can I tow with a Tacoma?

The 2021 Tacoma can pull trailers under 4,500 pounds. Light trailers it works well with are small campers like the Riverside (1,850 pounds), Flagstaff (3,156 pounds), Jayco (2,000 pounds), Taxa (2,700 pounds), and Intech (2,200 pounds) pop-ups.

Final Thoughts

In end, the Toyota Tacoma is a great truck to use for towing small pop-up campers. There are many light and medium sized campers that any Tacoma can pull safely as long as you check the weight. Renting different kinds of campers is a good way to find the perfect match for your truck before buying. Then you can go camping comfortably without worrying about pulling too much weight.

As long as the camper is not heavier than what your Tacoma can handle, you will have a lot of fun traveling to nice places and staying in your little pop-up home on wheels behind your reliable Toyota Tacoma truck.

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