When Does Training Camp Start in the NBA?

The NBA (National Basketball Association) is one of the most popular and competitive basketball leagues in the world. Every year, as the summer months wind down, fans eagerly anticipate the start of the NBA season. One of the key events leading up to the season is the training camp, where teams prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead. In this article, we will explore the details surrounding when training camps typically start in the NBA, what happens during these camps, and the importance of this preparation for the upcoming season.

When the leaves begin to change and the excitement of the upcoming NBA season fills the air, fans and players alike eagerly anticipate the same annual question When Does Training Camp Start in the NBA? This pivotal time in the basketball calendar is not just a matter of dates; it’s a season of intense preparation, camaraderie building, and strategic development.

The Significance of NBA Training Camps

Training camps are a vital component of the NBA calendar. They serve as a time for teams to fine-tune their skills, develop chemistry among players, and make important roster decisions. Here are some of the key reasons why training camps are so important in the world of professional basketball:

Skill Development

Training camps provide players with the opportunity to work on their individual skills. Whether it’s perfecting shooting techniques, improving ball handling, or refining defensive maneuvers, the focus on skill development is crucial to player growth.

Team Bonding

Chemistry among teammates is vital for success in the NBA. Training camps give players a chance to build camaraderie both on and off the court. Strong team cohesion can lead to better communication, trust, and understanding during games.

Roster Decisions

Teams often use training camps to evaluate talent and make important decisions regarding their roster. This includes determining who will make the final cut and fill the limited spots on the team. It’s a period of intense competition for both rookies and veterans.

Tactical Preparation

Coaches use training camps to implement and refine their strategies for the upcoming season. This includes offensive and defensive tactics, game plans, and player rotations. It’s a time when teams establish their playing style.

Given the significance of training camps, it’s important to know when they typically start in the NBA.

Player DevelopmentProvides structured environment for skill refinement
Team BuildingFosters camaraderie and unity among players
ConditioningHelps players reach optimal physical shape
Strategy ImplementationIntroduces and reinforces team specific plays and tactics
Talent EvaluationAllows coaches and scouts to assess player abilities
Roster SelectionDetermines final roster for the regular season
Competition IntensityCreates a competitive atmosphere to raise player quality
Coach Player BondingBuilds trust and communication between coaches and players
Integration of NewcomersFacilitates adjustment of new players to team dynamics
Establishing Team IdentitySets the tone for the team’s playing style and approach

Keep in mind that these are general points and the specifics can vary depending on the team, its goals, and the coaching staff’s philosophy.

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NBA Training Camps Start

NBA training camps typically begin in late September or early October. The exact start date can vary from year to year due to factors like the NBA schedule, collective bargaining agreements, and other logistical considerations. Here are some key details regarding the start of training camps


Training camps usually start a few weeks before the regular season. This provides teams with sufficient time to prepare and assess their players before the first official game.

Media Day

Before the actual practice sessions begin, teams often hold a “Media Day.” This is when players and coaches are made available to the media for interviews and photo sessions. It’s a chance for fans and reporters to get an early glimpse of the team and its expectations for the upcoming season.

Preseason Games

In addition to training camp, the NBA preseason games take place in early October. These games provide teams with an opportunity to test their strategies and players in real game situations before the regular season starts. The preseason games often occur shortly after the start of training camp.


The duration of training camp can vary, but it typically lasts for about two to three weeks. During this time, teams engage in intense practices, scrimmages, and evaluation sessions. The exact schedule is determined by the team’s coaching staff and organization.

Training Camp Locations

NBA training camps are held at various locations. These can include the team’s home city, a nearby college campus, or even a different city altogether. The choice of location depends on the team’s preferences and logistical considerations. Here are some common training camp locations:

Home City

Many NBA teams choose to conduct their training camps in their home cities. This allows players to practice in their familiar surroundings and interact with fans and local communities.

College Campuses

Some teams opt to hold their training camps on college campuses. This provides a change of scenery and can foster a sense of togetherness among players and staff.

Different Cities

Teams decide to hold their training camps in different cities or states. This could be for promotional reasons, to expand their fan base, or simply to get away from distractions and focus on the preparation.

The Training Camp Experience

Training camps are intense and demanding for players and coaching staff. They involve a structured daily schedule aimed at getting the team ready for the long NBA season. Here’s an overview of what a typical day in training camp may look like:

 Morning Workouts

  • Physical Conditioning: The day often starts with physical conditioning, including weightlifting and cardiovascular workouts to improve players’ overall fitness.
  • Skill Development: Players work on their individual skills, such as shooting, dribbling, and defensive techniques.

 Team Practices

  • On Court Drills: Coaches run players through various drills to improve their basketball skills and teamwork.
  • Scrimmages: Teams engage in practice games or scrimmages to simulate realgame situations and work on their tactics.

 Video Sessions

  • Film Analysis: Teams review footage of their practices and games to identify areas for improvement and to better understand their opponents.
  • Strategy Discussions: Coaches and players discuss offensive and defensive strategies and game plans for the upcoming season.

 Off Court Activities

  • Media Obligations: Players and coaches interact with the media, conducting interviews and photo sessions.
  • Community Engagement: Many teams engage in community service and charity work during training camp to connect with their local fan base.


  • Physical Therapy: Players receive physical therapy and treatment to prevent and address injuries.
  • Rest and Nutrition: Adequate rest and proper nutrition are emphasized to ensure players are in peak condition.

The Importance of Preseason Games

As mentioned earlier, the preseason games are an integral part of the training camp experience. These games allow teams to assess their players’ performance in a competitive environment and make final roster decisions. Preseason games also serve other essential purposes. If you’re wondering, when is NBA training camp, it typically kicks off in late September, marking the official start of the basketball season’s preparations.

 Testing Strategies

Coaches use preseason games to test different strategies and combinations of players. This helps them refine their game plan for the regular season.

Developing Rookies

Rookie players, those new to the NBA, have a chance to showcase their skills and adapt to the pace and demands of the league during preseason games.

Engaging Fans

Preseason games give fans an early opportunity to see their favorite teams and players in action. It generates excitement and anticipation for the regular season.

Revenue Generation

Revenue generation means making money for a business or organization. It’s how they get the funds they need to operate, grow, and provide services. Businesses can generate revenue through sales, services, or investments, and it’s a vital part of their financial health. This money helps pay employees, cover expenses, and create opportunities for the company to thrive.

When does the NBA’s training camp usually start?

NBA training camps typically commence in late September or early October.

Why are training camps significant for NBA teams?

Training camps are crucial for skill development, team bonding, roster decisions, and tactical preparation.

Where are NBA training camps held?

Training camps can be held in the team’s home city, on college campuses, or in different cities, depending on team preferences.

What happens during the preseason games associated with training camp?

Preseason games allow teams to test strategies, develop rookie players, engage fans, and generate additional revenue.

How long does an average NBA training camp last?

A typical NBA training camp lasts about two to three weeks, providing teams with ample time to prepare for the regular season.


Training camps in the NBA are a crucial part of the league’s annual calendar. They set the stage for the upcoming season by focusing on skill development, team bonding, roster decisions, and tactical preparation. These camps typically start in late September or early October, with teams practicing at various locations. The daily routine during training camp is highly structured and demanding, with a focus on both physical and mental preparation.

Preseason games, which occur shortly after training camp begins, play a significant role in assessing player performance and fine tuning team strategies. As fans eagerly await the start of the NBA season, the preparations that happen during training camps are the building blocks for an exciting and competitive year of basketball.

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