Where Can I Watch Ernest Goes To Camp For Free?

Released in 1987, Ernest Goes To Camp is a comedy film starring Jim Varney as his popular character Ernest P. Worrell. In the movie, Ernest works as a camp handyman and ends up becoming the head counselor. The camp soon faces threats of being closed down, and Ernest has to save it. With its wacky humor and silly antics, Ernest Goes To Camp became a cult classic spawning several film sequels.

Now, for those hoping to relive nostalgia or discover Ernest for the first time, you may be wondering: where can I stream Ernest Goes To Camp online for free? While the movie may not always be available on popular subscription sites like Netflix or Hulu, there are still ways to watch Ernest’s crazy camp adventure free of charge.

Free Options for Streaming Ernest Goes To Camp Online

Free options for streaming the 1980s classic comedy film Ernest Goes To Camp online. Viewers interested in watching this nostalgic movie featuring the character Ernest P. Worrell can find legal free ways to do so through platforms like YouTube, which sometimes offers full movies for temporary limited periods.

Using Free Trial Offers of Premium Streaming Services

Many premium streaming platforms like HBO Max, Showtime, and Starz offer free trial periods for new subscribers. While Ernest Goes To Camp may not be constantly available on their platforms, users can check during their free trial to see if it becomes available to stream.

The benefit of this method is that in addition to having access to the movie, you can also watch other content exclusive to those streaming services without paying during the trial period. Just remember to cancel the subscription before the trial ends if you do not wish to continue with the paid service.

Using Free Streaming Sites and Apps

There are also legal free streaming platforms that allow you to watch movies like Ernest Goes To Camp for free. These free streaming sites typically feature ads to generate revenue instead of subscription fees. While the video quality and selection offered on such services may not match premium platforms, they do provide free access to classic movies and shows.

Some popular free streaming options to watch Ernest Goes To Camp are:


NBCUniversal’s streaming platform Peacock offers an ad-supported free tier that provides access to movies like Ernest Goes To Camp along with classic shows and some original programming. You can stream content on Peacock’s website or through their app on devices like iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, and more.

Pluto TV

As a free TV streaming platform, Pluto TV has Ernest Goes To Camp available to watch live or on demand from their collection of curated channel content. Since Pluto TV is completely free you simply need to create an account to start streaming through their website or app.


With Ernest Goes To Camp regularly featured in their free on demand movie library, Tubi is a reliable option for streaming the zany camp comedy at no cost. You can access Tubi’s streaming content via their website or mobile and TV apps without needing an account or subscription.

The Roku Channel

Roku’s free streaming channel features an entire section dedicated to Ernest movies including Ernest Goes To Camp available on demand anytime. As another completely free option, The Roku Channel can be accessed when you have Roku streaming players or Roku TV models.

Checking Availability on Free Streaming Platforms

Since the availability of Ernest Goes To Camp can vary on different free streaming services based on contracts and rights to the movie, your best approach is checking multiple free platforms manually for the exact time period the film may be offered.

Set periodic reminders to verify if Ernest Goes To Camp becomes watchable for free on sites like Peacock, Pluto TV, Tubi or The Roku Channel when browsing their movie libraries. As soon as you find the beloved camp comedy available, take advantage and stream away.

Is Ernest Goes To Camp Available to Stream on Subscription Services?

Along with free streaming options, major subscription platforms like Amazon Prime, HBO Max and others also give access to watch Ernest Goes to Camp on demand when the rights become available on their rotating content libraries.

Amazon Prime Video

For Amazon Prime members, Ernest Goes To Camp is periodically included to stream on Prime Video at no extra charge. So be sure to regularly check the streaming availability of the movie to catch it for your next family movie night whenever it returns to Prime’s rotating on demand library.


As an on-demand streaming option on HBO Max, Ernest Goes To Camp can randomly become available for HBO subscribers to watch as part of their package. Subscribers can monitor the HBO Max movie library to find opportunities to stream when the hilarious 80s camp film is offered to view at no added cost.


Popular live TV streaming platform FuboTV also grants full on demand streaming access to Ernest Goes To Camp during special events or promotions. So FuboTV’s Pro and Elite package subscribers should verify scheduled availability windows to watch the silly and memorably funny camp comedy hit from the 80s for free.

The key on subscription services is to regularly check their streaming libraries during various months when rights to Ernest Goes To Camp may become active for viewing. Turn on notifications so you do not miss a chance to stream this cheesy cult classic whenever it returns on rotation.

Other Free Ways to Watch Ernest Goes To Camp

If you want to watch Ernest Goes To Camp but do not currently have access from streaming platforms that offer the movie, there are some additional free options:

Free Trials of DVD Rental Services

Popular DVD rental subscription services like Netflix DVD and Blockbuster@Home have expanded their library selection to also feature classic movie titles like Ernest Goes To Camp available to rent. Take advantage of free trial periods these services offer so you can rent the physical disc at no cost to enjoy this outrageous summer camp comedy from 1987.

Public Libraries

Expand your search to your local public library network and put in requests to borrow a copy of Ernest Goes To Camp whenever available. Many library systems now carry DVD/Blu-Ray copies of popular movie titles including comedies like Ernest Goes To Camp that you can check out completely free as a library member.

Television Re-runs

Ernest Goes To Camp in all its cringe-worthy hilarity also occasionally gets re-aired on free over-the-air channels like ABC, NBC or CBS as part of movie event programming. You can often catch several days notice before an Ernest movie marathon gets schedule so set your DVR accordingly.

While physical disc rentals, public libraries, and TV offer additional avenues to access Ernest Goes To Camp for free, your options to stream remain most affordable, convenient and instantly accessible for on demand viewing pleasure.

The Hilarious Premise of Ernest Goes To Camp

Part of the appeal for generations of fans who still keep Ernest Goes To Camp popular today stems from its ridiculous, chuckle-worthy premise.

Ernest as a Handyman at Kamp Kikakee

The film follows Jim Varney’s silly man child character Ernest P. Worrell who barely gets hired as a handyman at a struggling summer camp site called Kamp Kikakee. Knowingly unqualified but endearingly eager, Ernest’s efforts to fix anything inevitably devolve into chaotic slapstick misadventures that disrupt the entire camp.

Ernest Becomes a Camp Counselor

After accidentally destroying Kamp Kikakee’s mortgage papers, klutzy Ernest then somehow gets abruptly promoted to become the camp counselor. Now in charge of the campers’ activities, Ernest coordinates all sorts of outlandish, harebrained events guaranteed to annoy the strict head of Kamp Kikakee.

Saving Kamp Kikakee

When corporate execs threaten to repossess the wooded haven Kamp Kikakee resides on in order to mine rich minerals buried underneath, Ernest takes it upon himself to save the camp. His unorthodox solution involves using explosives, facing off against mining machinery in a runaway truck, and finally uncovering the mythical beast “Kikakee Uglynasti” to make the businessmen flee in fear.

This silly storyline punctuated with Ernest being his typical foolhardy self still engages fans through unapologetic nonsense and replete slapstick comedy. The Ernest Goes To Camp premise promising a summer camp experience like no other makes revisiting this film well worth your amused viewing.

Why Fans Adore Ernest Goes To Camp?

Beyond just the sheer ridiculousness of its plot, several elements have made Ernest Goes To Camp such an iconic fan favorite comedy.

Over-the-top Slapstick Humor

Ernest Goes To Camp pulls no punches when it comes to non-stop outrageous physical comedy antics. Ernest sets traps that hit campers in the face with pies, gets chased up a tower by bees, swings from ropes wildly only to knock down his own shed. The silly situations Ernest unleashes truly emphasizes cartoonish levels of slapstick bound to delight fans.

Ridiculous Made-Up Words and Songs

Another signature Ernest trademark involves his unique vocabulary of made-up words said in an exaggerated southern accent like “kaboobla” to “rutabaga” as well as sudden random bursting into nonsensical songs. Fans find real hilarity from Ernest’s talents for absurd lyrical improvizations in the movie.

Triumph of the Misfits

While characters in the film often get cruelly mocked for being overweight, weird or awkward, the movie culminates with the camp misfits banding together. They combine their quirks to pull off Ernest’s ridiculous plan to save Kamp Kikakee against judgmental villains. Underdog fans cheer when Ernest’s loyal band of silly sidekicks win the day.

Feel Good Resolution

The conclusion also emphasizes that the businesspeople still don’t find any valuable minerals under Kamp Kikakee, keeping it safe thanks to the myth of the beast Ernest tricks them with. Fans enjoy the final feel good resolution that the struggling camp finally can operate in the pastoral haven free from external greedy threats of powerful developers.

Through uncommon comedy moments, goofy catchphrases, and ultimate underdog victory, Ernest Goes To Camp continues charming old and new generations of comedy fans even today.

Why did Ernest Goes to Camp disappear?

The comedy film was popular upon release but disappeared from major streaming services over time. As the copyright expired, it was no longer regularly distributed or played on television. Being an older 1980s movie, mainstream distributors likely lost interest in keeping the licensing rights. Without the backing of a major studio, it became harder to find many years later. Fans had to search harder to find ways to watch their favorite camp comedy starring everyone’s favorite lovable dimwit, Ernest P. Worrell.

Is Ernest Goes to Camp on Netflix?

Fans frequently ask this question hoping their favorite streaming service has added the camp comedy. Unfortunately, Netflix does not currently have the licensing to include Ernest Goes to Camp in its library. With the film being out of distribution for many years, it seems streaming rights would need to be repurchased and a deal made for Netflix or another service to bring this nostalgic 80s movie back to digital viewers.


Is it legal to watch Ernest Goes to Camp for free?

It’s legal if you use authorized platforms like Tubi TV or Crackle which offer the movie with intermittent ads. Avoiding pirated sources is crucial to respect copyright laws.

Are there any subscription-based services offering free trials?

Yes, platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix occasionally offer free trial periods, allowing you to watch the movie without charge for a limited time.

What should I consider before choosing an ad-supported platform?

Ensure the platform is legal and licensed. Ad-supported platforms like Tubi TV and Crackle provide the film for free with ad interruptions, but only if you’re in a region where they operate.

Can I find Ernest Goes to Camp on mainstream streaming services?

Yes, platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix may have the movie in their catalog, but usually as part of their paid subscription service.

Why should I avoid pirated sources when looking to watch for free?

Accessing copyrighted material without permission is illegal and may lead to legal consequences. Using legal, authorized platforms ensures a guilt-free and ethical viewing experience.

Final Thoughts

Ernest Goes To Camp stands out as a memorable entry in Jim Varney’s series of Ernest films for its zany humor set against a classic summer camp backdrop. While premium streaming platforms may not always carry the film, you still have multiple free options through services like Peacock, PlutoTV, and Tubi to relive this 80s comedy gem from your childhood. public libraries and DVD rentals also offer additional access avenues.

Fueled by slapstick visual gags, funny vernacular and a feel-good resolution, the movie’s ridiculous premise still entertains decades later even on repeat viewings. Once you do uncover where you can watch Ernest Goes To Camp available to stream, prepare for nonstop hijinks as comedy icon Ernest tries to save Kamp Kikakee in his own clumsy style full of laughs.

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