Where Does Rachel Campos-Duffy Live Now?

Rachel Campos-Duffy is a famous TV person. She talks about politics and family life. Rachel has 9 kids with her husband Sean Duffy. Sean was in Congress before. Now he may run for Senate. Rachel and Sean have moved around a lot over the years for work and family. They used to live in Washington D.C. when Sean worked for the government. Then they went back home to Wisconsin for a while.

Now the family just moved again recently to Arizona. Why Arizona? Maybe Sean wants to run for Senate there. Or they just want a nice place to raise their young kids. Where exactly do Rachel and her big family live now? Let’s take a look at their new home state and city in the Phoenix area. We will also see how Rachel handles work and parenting with all those kids.

Rachel Campos-Duffy Early Life and Career

Rachel was born in Arizona in 1972 but spent much of her early years in both Chicago and Tempe while her father worked as an physician. She first stepped into the spotlight as a cast member on MTV’s iconic reality show The Real World: San Francisco back in 1994. This open the door for various hosting opportunities, before Campos met Sean Duffy on a related MTV show called Road Rules: All Stars.

Rachel Campos-Duffy Marriage and Growing Family

Rachel and Sean were married in 1999, starting a life together back in Sean’s home state of Wisconsin. Over the next 22 years, the couple welcomed 9 children into their growing family. Balancing her broadcast career with raising her big family kept Campos-Duffy on the move in subsequent years.

Duffy’s Years in Washington D.C.

During his time in Congress from 2011-2019, Sean Duffy required the family to call Washington D.C. their home base. Living in the nation’s capital allowed Campos-Duffy easier access to national media opportunities with Fox News, where she began making regular appearances as a political commentator.

Rachel Campos-Duffy’s New Jersey House

Rachel and Sean Duffy just moved to Phoenix, Arizona. But they still own their house back in New Jersey too. Keeping two homes allows the family to travel back East sometimes. It’s important for them to visit New Jersey where Sean and Rachel went to college. Their older kids might want to attend college back there someday. So the family will keep their big house in New Jersey even though their main home now is the new place they bought in Arizona recently.

Rachel Campos-Duffy Return to Wisconsin

Once Duffy resigned from Congress in 2019, the entire Duffy family returned to their roots in Wisconsin. They purchased a home in the town of Amery, allowing them more space and privacy to accommodate their 9 kids. Rachel was able to continue her broadcasting while living in Wisconsin over the next couple years.

Rachel Campos-Duffy Move to Arizona

In 2022, speculation grew about Sean Duffy returning to the political arena. In August the family made their move out West official, purchasing a home in Phoenix, Arizona. The move positioned Duffy for a potential run for the U.S Senate seat that will be vacated by retiring Republican Senator Kyrsten Sinema in 2024.

Rachel Campos-Duffy Adjusting to Desert Life

Rachel Campos-Duffy Adjusting to Desert Life

Moving a family of 11 from the lakes region of Wisconsin to the desert climate of Arizona was a major adjustment. Rachel now faced challenges like keeping her kids hydrated in the dry heat and protecting them from threats like scorpions, all while continuing her work.

Why Phoenix?

Aside from the states importance in upcoming elections, Arizona seems to align well with the Duffy’s conservative values. Phoenix is much more affordable than other popular destinations like San Diego, allowing them more house for their money. The region’s warm climate and abundant amenities and activities also appeal to a large, outdoorsy family like theirs.

The Duffy’s Phoenix Suburb

The Duffys reside in the suburban Phoenix neighborhood of Paradise Valley, known for its luxury estates and excellent schools. The median home value is $2.2 million dollars. Neighbors include business executives, professional athletes and high profile names like Mohammed Ali’s daughter. Their sprawling new custom built Southwestern home provides over 7,500 square feet of living space.

Rachel’s Home Work Setup

With Sean back in politics and 9 kids still at home, how does Rachel handle her work? She had a dedicated office with television capabilities for broadcasting built right into their Paradise Valley residence. This allows her to manage her various TV, radio and podcast appearances all from one convenient home base, with minimal disruptions to family life.

Rachel Campos-Duffy Visits Back to Wisconsin

Despite putting roots down in the Southwest, the Duffy family plans to continue spending summertime and holidays back on their ranch in Wisconsin. Keeping touch with their Midwestern ties allows them to instill similar small-town, outdoor values in their children that Sean and Rachel both benefited from during their upbringings.

Balancing Work & Family of Rachel Campos-Duffy

Balancing Work & Family of Rachel Campos-Duffy

Maintaining balance between career ambitions and properly prioritizing family remains an ongoing consideration in the Duffy home. With Sean possibly launching a major political campaign in 2024 and Rachel’s own professional commitments piling up, delegating parenting tasks and setting aside sacred family time will be more critical than ever.

Sean Duffy’s Family Adopted

Sean Duffy comes from a large family in Wisconsin. He has 7 brothers and sisters. His parents loved kids so much that they adopted some children too. Sean’s adopted sister is an important part of their family. Having adopted kids and biological kids together taught Sean and his siblings about all kinds of love. Now Sean and Rachel have a big adopted family too. 3 of their 9 children are adopted into their family. Adoption is meaningful for the Duffys.

Rachel Campos-Duffy’s Children’s Ages

Rachel and Sean Duffy have 9 kids total. Their oldest daughter is 22 years old. She was born when Rachel and Sean were first married back in 1999. Their younger daughters are 21, 18, 16, 14, 5 and 3 years old. The boys in the family are 20, 17 and 10. That’s a big range of ages! The little kids keep Rachel busy at home. The grown up ones are starting college and jobs. Juggling all those ages is hard work for Rachel when Sean travels. But she loves being a mom.

Rachel’s Role as Matriarch

As the cornerstone of their large Roman Catholic family, Rachel focuses tremendous energy toward raising good Christians and responsible, ethical citizens. Traditions like family rosary prayer circles, attending mass and participating in community service help guide their children’s development. She also aims to keep politics civil at home.

Rachel’s Life Out of the Spotlight

Both Duffy parents make an effort to allow their kids to remain grounded and behave like typical children and teenagers when they are out of public view. This means participating in school sports and activities, enjoying pool days with neighborhood friends and spending ample unstructured time outdoors exploring and adventuring together as an active family.

Family Focus in Phoenix

Family Focus in Phoenix

According to Rachel, the decision to start fresh in Phoenix had little to do with career ambitions for either herself or Sean. Their motivation was seeking a better quality of life for their 9 kids, with good schools, parks, weather and recreational opportunities. Becoming empty nesters in the coming years, the move also positions them well for retirement.

Rachel’s Roots in Arizona

Returning to raise her own kids in the metro Phoenix area allows Rachel to come full circle, back to where she first grew up. She also has the chance now to provide support to her elderly father, who still calls Arizona his home. Being closer geographically supports deeper generational connections and preserving fond family memories.

Rachel Campos-Duffy Owning Property in Both States

While the Duffy tribe has firmly set up their home base in Arizona for the coming years, they still plan to return to Wisconsin regularly to enjoy their cabin and spend time on the lakes. Maintaining ownership of both properties allows them flexibility as their children grow toward establishing their own independence one day.

The Rachel Campos-Duffy Future is Unwritten

What the future holds for Rachel’s family regarding Sean’s potential Senate run or where they might settle down more permanently remains undecided. This seasoned political and broadcasting power couple take life as it comes, tackles challenges together and sets priorities with their children in mind first. For now, Phoenix, Arizona can proudly call itself home for the Duffys.

Staying Close to Rachel’s Roots

Rachel coming full circle back to the region where she grew up now also affords her the special opportunity to spend more time with her aging father. Assisting with caregiving while reconnecting to fond childhood memories and places with her own kids offers a nostalgia she is grateful for in this newest chapter.

Uncertain Future Political Plans

Uncertain Future Political Plans

What comes next for the ever-striving Sean and Rachel power couple remains speculative. While Sean clearly has his sights set on pursuing elected office, only time will tell whether threats of divisive campaign tactics deter him from running. Arizona still offers promising potential for an ambitious politician backed by a polished communications pro like Rachel. But guiding their children toward happy and purposeful lives will still remain priority one. For now, Phoenix proudly calls this high profile family new residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Rachel Campos-Duffy make?

Rachel earns around $200,000 each year from her TV shows and political work.

Where is Rachel from Real World San Francisco now?

Rachel lives in Arizona now with husband Sean Duffy and their 9 kids.

Are all Rachel Duffy’s kids hers?

No, 3 of her kids are adopted – she birthed 6 of them herself.

How old is Rachel Campos-Duffy?

Rachel is 50 years old currently. She was born in 1972.

What nationality is Campos-Duffy?

Rachel’s background is Mexican-American on her mother’s side and Spanish/Hungarian on her father’s side.

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