Wingstop Ranch Dressing Recipe (Easy Copycat)

Making your own Wingstop ranch dressing allows campers to enjoy this tasty condiment without transporting extra containers long distances.

With only a few basic ingredients around the kitchen or backpack, this simple recipe tastes like the original and pairs well with grilled meats and vegetables cooked outdoors.

Have you wished for Wingstop’s signature cool and creamy ranch dressing to dip foods in while grilling and smoking meats on camping trips?

Preparing the dressing yourself means enjoying that flavor anywhere while saving space in your cooler or RV fridge. The recipe requires ingredients likely in your home already.

Ranch dressing complements many grilled and smoked foods enjoyed outdoors. Making your own version provides a customizable condiment without hauling pre-made containers.

The dressing takes only basic pantry and fridge items to prepare yet tastes just like the restaurant favorite. Read on for the easy recipe.

What Is Ranch Made Of?

Ranch dressing is a creamy salad topping. It begins with a base of buttermilk and mayonnaise. These provide the dressing’s smooth and rich texture.

Ranch also contains special seasonings that make it yummy. There is garlic powder for savory flavor. Onion powder adds a hint of onion taste.

Buttermilk powder helps make it creamy. Dill is included for a unique flavor. All of these ingredients are blended together to create the taste that everyone loves.

The combination of the buttermilk, mayonnaise and seasonings is what makes ranch dressing special. It takes some simple things and mixes them just right for a delicious salad or vegetable topping.

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Why Does Restaurant Ranch Dressing Taste So Ymmy?

Many restaurants make their own ranch dressing from scratch. Their dressing always tastes better than store bought kinds. What do they do differently? First, restaurants use richer ingredients.

When they make the creamy base with mayonnaise and sour cream, they don’t use low-fat versions. Fatty foods often taste better than low-fat kinds.

They also have a secret extra ingredient. Restaurants put packets of Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning mix into their dressing. This mix adds a deep, zesty flavor that everyone loves.

Our easy Wingstop ranch copycat recipe uses the ranch mix too. It tastes very similar to what you get at the restaurant.

But you can also make your own homemade ranch seasoning if you want. I’ll tell you the simple ingredients later so you can try it.

So, restaurants know fat equals flavor, and they add that special ranch mix packet for extra deliciousness. No wonder it’s so much tastier than store bought!.

Homemade Ranch Dry Mix Recipe

Homemade Ranch Dry Mix Recipe

You can take your ranch dressing to the next level by creating a homemade seasoning mix. All you need are a few dried herbs and spices.

Homemade Ranch Dressing
Prep Time
Chilling Time
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Packets
1. Combine the ingredients in a medium-sized bowl.
2. Mix thoroughly until ingredients are well combined.
3. Cover the bowl and refrigerate for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
4. Serve chilled with your favorite appetizers.
For thicker or thinner consistency, adjust the amount of buttermilk used.

How To Make Buttermilk?

Make Your Own Buttermilk at Home (It’s way easier than you think!)


  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice


  1. Gather the ingredients: Pour 1 cup of milk into a measuring cup and add 1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice.
  2. Give it a stir: Use a spoon or whisk to mix the lemon juice into the milk.
  3. Set it aside: Place the measuring cup in the fridge and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  4. Watch the magic happen: The lemon juice will curdle the milk, thickening it into delicious homemade buttermilk.
  5. Use it in your recipes: Now you’ve got a perfect substitute to make ranch dressing or pancakes.

Not only is this budget-friendly, but it’s so simple even I can do it. Give it a try – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make your own buttermilk anytime.

How Long Is Homemade Ranch Good For In The Fridge?

Wondering how long your homemade ranch dressing will stay fresh in the fridge? If stored properly, it should remain tasty for about a week.

As long as you transfer the dressing to an airtight container right after making it, the ingredients will stay fresh longer.

Much like milk, you’ll be able to tell when the ranch has started to sour based on smell alone. Using fresh herbs, garlic, and other ingredients at the start also helps prolong the shelf life.

So for maximum freshness and flavor, plan to enjoy the ranch within 7 days of whipping up your own homemade version.

How To Thicken Ranch Dressing?

If you find your homemade ranch dressing came out too thin and watery, don’t fret – it’s easy to fix.

Simply add an extra spoonful of mayonnaise or sour cream to the dressing and mix it in well.

Continue alternately adding spoonfuls of mayo/sour cream and mixing until the dressing reaches your desired thickness.

The additional fat and protein from these ingredients will help thicken it right up. You can also try adding a teaspoon or two of cornstarch mixed with water as a slurry.

Either way, just a bit more mayo or sour cream is all it takes to turn a runny ranch into a perfectly creamy dip or salad topping.

How To Store Homemade Ranch Dressing?

How To Store Homemade Ranch Dressing?

To get the most out of your fresh homemade ranch dressing, be sure to store it properly in the fridge. Follow these tips:

  1. Transfer to an airtight container: Once you’ve made the dressing, pour it into an airtight container like a mason jar or sealed Tupperware.
  2. Refrigerate immediately: Place the container in the refrigerator right away to avoid bacteria growth.
  3. Use within a week: Homemade ranch will stay fresh and tasty for about a week if refrigerated.
  4. Don’t freeze it: While convenient, mayonnaise does not freeze well so freezing ranch is not recommended.

By keeping it cold and sealed in an airtight container, your homemade ranch will last close to a week in the fridge.

Just be sure to eat it within that time for best flavor and safety. Proper storage is key to enjoying this homemade condiment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wingstop?

Wingstop is an aviation-inspired restaurant known for serving up irresistible chicken wings. Founded in Texas in 1994, they’ve taken off with over 1000 locations across the US thanks to their perfectly seasoned wings and one-of-a-kind sauces and flavors.

Why is Wingstop ranch different?

Wingstop takes special care with their ranch to get the balance of ingredients just right. Using fresh buttermilk, mayo and herbs creates a incredibly creamy and aromatic ranch.

It’s no wonder their signature dipping sauce has become a fan favorite, elevating even simple wings into the perfect snack.

What brand of ranch dressing does Wingstop use?

Wingstop loves using Hidden Valley Ranch packets to make their creamy dressing. It’s an easy way to get that classic zesty ranch taste people know and love.

The dry seasoning mixes perfectly with buttermilk and mayo to give customers that familiar flavor profile with each bite. No wonder it’s one of their most popular sauces. 

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